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>they've been opening portals at CERN for their anti-God spirits to enter our planet
>They play hot wheels under the swiss alps and attempt to conjure satan
Father, please intercede and stop them from hunting down your sheep on this planet
I'm trying to bring back more to your flock
please give them patience and humility to understand these teachings and accept you into their hearts

their hearts are "hardened" because they've grown up here not "knowing" you Father

Please help me to bring you into their lives. We all need your help more than ever before!

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Engaging in this beautiful dance of spirits intertwined in in trust is completely uncorrelated to net worth, and sometimes even inversely correlated to net worth. But let me tell you, I found this very thing, and it wasn't until I did that I even gave a shit about net worth. I do now, because she deserves my best, no some smug anti-hero.

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yeah there was an interesting paper regarding scientists created light resonances where the hexagon appears as well
reading and seeing stuff like this reminds me of link related:

>"What is amazing is that, as predicted, the only requirement to demonstrate the effect is a simple laser with two polished spherical mirrors," says one of the researchers, Johannes Courtial from the University of Glasgow in the UK.

"It was there all the time, just hard to see if you were not looking at the right place."

"Look at the wrong place inside the laser and you see just a smeared-out blob of light," adds another of the team, Andrew Forbes from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. "Look in the right place, where the imaging happens, and you see fractals."

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