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No problem fren

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If I just keep adding more money to my stock portfolio the number won't go down.

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nice remoralising thread fren.

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so now I have to wait for it to go under $3 instead of $1?

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lets make it frens

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We can do that for the international LUNC party this is just a Canadian frens only
okay :^)

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>the funny part is there is no time its an illusion

You can't move through space without also moving through time you silly billy

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It appeared first when I googled miner etf

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bobo here, what did you short?

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we all make mistakes fren

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What do you think the government was in bolshevik russia?
What do you think it is on communist china?
How do you think your government controlled system in plain sight would reach any other outcome than what is happening with the government controlled system from the shadows?
The answer to the problem of government expansion is not further government expansion, fren
we will just keep getting what we've been getting

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wtf is a GOERLI anyway?

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thanks fren just bought more

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Fuck the FED
Fuck the SEC
Fuck the IRS
Fuck the CIA
Fuck the FBI
Fuck the Democrats
Fuck the Republicans
Fuck the Niggers
Fuck the Jews
and most importantly
FUCK the jannies

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I have a compressed work schedule. I work 7AM-4:30PM five days a week on week one and on week two I work 7AM-4:30PM four days only. So it works out I get every other Friday off. I'm on my special Friday off right now

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That's clever, thanks /biz/ bro. I'm using this.

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Post your portfolio breakdown

>75% crypto
>25% pokemon cards

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>/biz/fren brings over a housewarming fruitcake

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I am now the owner of one (1) whole Bitcoin

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does he know?
frens if my future wife is a whore I want you to tell me okay?

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Damn, glad to live in Japan. The US sounds so cucked now. Child support? Alimony? Fuck that shit. My wife would get one payout on the split and then I'd be gone. Simple as

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You've done the right thing OP, but anally annihilated rubic bagholders will weep and gnash its not true.

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