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>wage bull matches 401k contribution up to 10%

Should I max it out, or take all my money?

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>They are hurting the COMEX, it will take time.
They are hurting nothing. Stop buying this narrative. It's just like GME, reddit is used as a conman by far bigger players who knows what's coming and want a part in this. It's a bankers/fund managers war for survival, but they need to stay discreet, and reddit is the perfect attention whore full of retards you can throw under the bus once you are down.

Can't wait for the (((MSM))) headlines complaining about the silver shortage, blaming plebbit for this, while big sharks who bought for billions of silver are rubbing their hands in the shadow waiting to make big money, holding the industrials in need by the balls.

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Absolute financial armageddon, and i'm dead setious fren.
Exit all, buy PMs.

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It's gonna go up nigga, chill the fuck out

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it got up to 1650 a few minutes ago but snatched up... LINK pool looking extra tasty with 20% rewards and 5% apr. speaking of which, I can't fucking understand how the percentages work. It seems like the % of BNT rewards goes down as the price goes up, but the % of TKN rewards goes up as the price of BNT goes up?
Bancor threads are like 2018 LINK breadcrumb threads. Just smart bros helping out, cozy conversation. I was sold on my first thread 2 weeks ago, and have been checking in ever since, because they are so cozy. It's a stealth mode LINK hangout, basically.

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Fishing for bots

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I can wait

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Email me when it hits $10

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At risk of getting v&'d. It's crypto, It's voluntary as long as you aren't stupid enough to have it attached to your legal name

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>I am not here

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If it touches 34000 y'all better buy dat sheit

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Have you seen people die? The symbol is The most basic sexual archetype that they have to evoke in order to cast any kind of creation spell like this. The stellar logo is the same Saturn that every logo is

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I made a lot of money shorting this shitcoin from the run up to 90 cents which I used to buy a real crypto BTC

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litecoin just flipped it in mcap, I'm gonna sell too, don't want to sit on the sidelines during the bull run

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Fuck it’s not like I can just do a quick google search if they have.

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Only rumors, but any infos about a airdrop on the exchange dxdy

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He’s just waiting for the right moment to pump this shit to the clouds.

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Hello /biz/raelis. How do I turn 14k into 100k

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gap at 3.5k, we have to fill it or we can never ever go above 20k

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I have noticed

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going to let you in on a lil secret OP
its wait for it... niggercoin

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You're late

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Do they?

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