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Doesn't sound too good then. Kinda makes me skeptical about their business tbqh, their debt to assets ratio is pretty bad already for a "big data tech" company

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imagine how hard it will moon when the 3 other exchanges will become public

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Will dogecoin ever be profitable?

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I've unironically not laughed this hard in a while. This is a full on tribalism war about some ones and zeros that we haven't heard of a few days ago

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Would I be better off buying 10k of SPY LEAPS or 120k of SPY shares

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that seems like a realistic expectation anon
you should buy more crypto with all the fiat you have left

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You too fren. There's a possibility that it won't touch 50 cents again unless the bubble pops again, but I'll risk it
We will all make it in the end

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>wageslaving for your parents
bruh moment

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incredibly retarded

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at least you're not me OP.

I shit myself at a 7 eleven back in 2018. It was around midnight and I was in line waiting to buy my snacks. It very busy that night and there were a bunch of young good looking women in line with me.

Eventually i couldn't hold the shit in any longer and a turd slid out into my underwear.

The smell was instant and overpowering. I know everyone in there could smell it but nobody said anything. I just stayed in line and looked down at the counter until I paid for my items and then left.

As I walked home the turd slid out of my underwear and down my pants.

The thing is, I felt zero shame when this happened. I had completely given up on myself. I had no respect for myself.

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FUD dismissed.

Have a nice day.

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just bought 7777k

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Will PNK remain at 0.1 USD or can we have for 0.2 USD in 10 years? I have 50k!

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Went on a skitrip once with my student association and had wore YSL the whole trip

Afterwards the girl asked me which perfume I wore because she wanted to buy it for her boyfriend, not sure if that's cucked but I felt complimented

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>MFW browsing houses on zillow for what I'm going to buy when the regulatory clarity hits

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Thought on online courses like Coursera and Edx?
Did any of you do it? Did it help you profession wise?

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If I buy in will it doomp? Should I just buy in to get the bad karma done and over with.

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They are doing the exact same shit as they did back in 2018. I remember the euphoria on /biz/ when BTC reached 20k and shortly after that everything came falling down.

It's the same shit over again, when we're gonna crash you probably won't even be able to sell your BTC if you hold a wallet.

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>got into 20k debt in the past month thanks to crypto
>gf doesnt know
>she keeps fantasizing how we'll travel and enjoy ourselves when corona ends
>20k usd is 20 months of full pay here
how can i off myself and make it look like accident, please tell me, i lost all hope
no one is going to bail me out, i cant tell her that im locked in waging for 8-10 years and god forbid something fucks up in that period
goodbye biz, may your stinkies moon to 100$

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I genuinely believe in this project despite its horrible fucking name, p comfy with my 50,000 stack, I'll probably sell at 5x

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She literally looks like a chink that I liked.
Ofc she refused me claiming she didn't want a bf that was 5 years younger than her

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>mfw bagholding both OSMT and COUV

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