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anyone else here working multiple jobs from home?

I have multiple 6 figure jobs and dont do shit for any of them

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Anon do u think I will find love?

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Bros. The world is so dark, and it seems like the collapse is well and truly imminent. The flickering final hope for the world, as I see it, is the emergence of a new class of ultrabillionaire retards to wage war on the antichrist. Will you join me? When this is all over? Will I find some of you frens on the next and final battlefield?
I hope so. But at least we've had some good times here as brothers in arms against the gatekeepers. Thanks for showing up and making a difference.
Ok I'm done being gay now.

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>We need some of them to stop shorting to WAGMI.
no we don't. We need them to close shorts. If they close shorts and then short it again they'll have to close again eventually. Then we get a 2nd moass. hence the infinity pool.

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He can't. He's short GME.

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>21y old
>210k ROSE
DCAing around $300 a week.

will I make it?

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what the fuck is a pajeet? other than me being brown. what do they do?

That said, why the fuck are some of the people on here not buying LunaC?

It only a couple pennies put in $100-500 dollars or more stop being a broke bitch.

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the hollow cost better be real, if it wasnt it should have been

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you guys do realise this?
if you haven't bought in yet, this is your last chance.
if not, you'll be a wagecuck for the rest of your life

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Literally just be patient damn! Sub 20k will be with you when he’s ready

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i bought this shit soon after it came out and i forgot about it

can i still redeem? is there a new contract?

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15 hours until the next bloodbath. Strap yourselves in.

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you watched too much death note, relax nigger

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>this is the best their discord could come up with
Shocking how night and day this is from the last earnings and AGM

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You will make it fren

4.3 ETH - Check
180 BNT - Check

I am ready for 5 figure hell boys

As a poorfag I am happy

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>in 2 years a guy will still create threads about a coordinated dump by top wallets

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>sold half when I got it and used it on weed n shit
>gambled with the other half and got to like 850uni maybe
>got too greedy and instead of just holding uni gambled all in some xfinance and xswap shitcoins
>got rugged
>sold like last 0.3 eth at $350

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how much should you diversify if you have a 5k - 6k portfolio? is 3 coins too much?

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have fun getting rugged faggots

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It's the neet lifestyle. It has it emptiness for sure but I thrive in it. For instance there's so much fucking 5g I have to now leave where I am. Be easy frens

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cant make this shit up

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