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wen mun?

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>living like a king
>life is good man
ok but how? what the fuck is that?
how /biz/raellis enjoy their life after ABCD?

fancy food, clothes and traveling

>B-wagie dream:
"fuck you boss/landlord I'm out!"

>C-coomer path:
sex with expensive (fe)males

>D-kid inside us can finally consoooooooooom:
toys, video games, new car, boat, jet ski

am I missing something that money can buy here, besides improved versions of all the shit above?
call me crazy but I think spending too much time in the darkness is blinding me

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I stake UTK and EGLD for passive income and that's it, around 28% is good to take me all through the year, and of course still have extra cash to fuck some hot India girls

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>why would someone who makes tons of money not do something that makes them MORE money

Anon do you know what board you are on? How many anons here have 6+ figures and still gamble at shitcoins?

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you have to go back, on the couch.

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nah...long way to go. you rent from me.

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does "5x8 sets" mean 8 lifts in a row, rest and then repeat that 4 more times? or is it the other way around?
t. weak, pudgy nerd

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had a good laugh thank you

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Nah, I prefer opening Binance and try to make it buying some coins, last one in invested into was REFLEX and I'm hoping for the best
I'm more like the "don't think, feel" kind of guy, so cryptocurrencies suits me

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>management information systems
>cloud sysadmin 100% WFH
>best decision I ever made

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yes, full from eating

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I just started replaying morrowind and silent hill desu. All games now days are shit.

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So, i've spent some time with daytrading, and the strategies i've had when i start trading are generally very successful. And i generally have a lot of success at the start. But after a while, i lose my patience and get super impulsive.

I have ADHD, and i'm wondering if i'm either taking too little, or if i just put myself into a situation that worsens the symptoms.
I'm also wondering if it would be worth it, to abuse it a little, to built up healthier trading habits.

So, i was curious if there is anyone here that can share some experiences regarding taking drugs to day trade.

Inb4 >don't do drugs kiddo
kys fagget

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Started with around $27k (my life's savings) then int'd all of it into LRC and it's now worth about $5k. Fortunately I make $11/hr so I can easily rebuild this within 25 or so years.

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i got internet computers when it was 300 dollars
and when it was 250 dollars
and when it was 150 dollars
and when it was 100 dollars
and when it was 75 dollars
and when it was 50 dollars
and when it was 30 dollars
and when it was 20 dollars
and when it was 10 dollars
and when it was 7 dollars
and when it was 8 dollars

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