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bro what are you even talking about

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>rate my gothfolio
I see a lot of potential in you, kid. Keep up the great work.

No, I don't mostly use Java.
That's why I had the Java method contracts up on my fucking wall when I was grinding leetcode.

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What do you think are the best altcoins out of the top 20?

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>Designer shit are just that, shit to make NPCs pre occupied with useless shit.

this, vapid consumerism is a chain. they sell you the idea of success being owning the right clothes to flex for thots (which will be stupid expensive), getting a thot (who will make demands that drain your saving), getting a car (to get a "fashionable car" you will take out a loan, like here in Australia the cool kids all got 20-40k in debt when they were 18 to buy souped up Commodores), paying for a degree, getting a mortgage, going out clubbing, spending money on outings regularly.

its all designed to make sure your savings are low so you can't organically get starting capital to invest to multiply what you have, its why the meme of investing while you still live at home with your parents is a thing.

the world may be Babylon, but you must not be of Babylon. stop to become one with Babylon and you will cement yourself as Babylon's slaves

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