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nasdaq keeps going down why

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trend reversal

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>use pic that relates to subject: 3 replies

>green frog staring at you: 100+ thread

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WKHSbros are awfully quiet. Did we remove all the sharp objects from their rooms?

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BNB shills are up early

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I report threads to collect new "fuck the jannies" memes.

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I report threads to collect fuck jannie memes.

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To all the newfaggot altcoiners. This is good.

Im all link in link. You just gotta wait.

This just means alt season is gonna be even greater

Kinda cringe how this board is showing its new plebbit demographic again

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Anyone here got a part time job to keep sane

Can’t think of anything besides restaurant/bar tending. And errthing closed rn so..

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Anyone here have a part time job to keep sane?

Cant really think of anything else but a restaurant/bar tending job. But errthing closed

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Found out my friend has 50 bitcoin

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Is BTC going to bring down the market?
Did I fuck up?

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Why do they make this face?

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I got a 12% premium on PredictIt betting that Trump wouldn’t win Pennsylvania by over 15k votes...two weeks after the election. What the fuck is wrong with Trumptards? Are they living in the same reality the rest of us are?

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>we’re looking for a friendless, hobbyless grown adult that has never had sexual intercourse and can’t hold a conversation and has no relevant work experience and despite all of this still looks down on us as we are “normies”

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Is voluntary life insurance a waste of money if I already have an employer paid plan?

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I missed my employer's active open enrollment deadline. My coverage won't roll over like previous years. What do I do now? I'm a young single guy with no medical issues or medications. Should I just buy the cheapest coverage option via Obamacare?

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I missed my company's open enrollment deadline yesterday. Am I fucked?

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