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sold ada at 1.33
bought back at 1.30
sold again at 1.21
never bought back
bought btc at 44k

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ouch that's rough
if you kept it for so long I am assuming you were be ok with losing all that
I don't know, everything is mooning here and there, unless today is the end of the bullrun it may have a chance to ressurect with the rest of the 2017 coins
I wouldn't bet on that though

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apple or amazon or some major player will make a big announcement soon that they will accept bitcoin and it will pump the price to 80-120k

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I got the next 10x high market cap coin, dubs or better and ill tell you. Any guesses?

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unironically how does one avoid getting fucked by short term capital gains?
I don't want to pay 22% to keep the scum of the earth alive

t. single filer, 44k - 80k bracket

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hi /biz/,

i was into crypto for a lil bit a while ago but this new defi stuff im completely oblivious to. never used uniswap, dont know how farming works.

I have 2000 tezos and im tired of it not doing anything, any suggestion of what to do with it? how would i go about using my coinbase wallet on uniswap?

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