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Socialism doesn't grow on trees, you fascist. There are drug dealers and communists in London who NEED that crypto so chop chop, you privileged fuck.

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Finally one of you SENTards actually admitting your shitcoin is wash trading. God that was like pulling teeth.

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Ich bin ein Rheinländer, du französische Ratte. Algerian son of a bitch.

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Use a rathole you degenerate piece of dogshit. God you fucking poorfags are stupid as fuck.

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One > I remember ethereums code being ridiculed on no name forums by fags who think they’re geniuses
Two > Post proof or Larp
Three > shit happens, pretending to predict the future flawlessly is moronic
Four > you’re faulting them for selling to customers at the market price of that time. What moron sells for less than customers are willing to pay?
Five > they’re partnered with other crypto’s and “claim” to be listed on a new exchange in a couple of weeks

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Harmony is the One

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