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Now that we've ruled out you becoming a detective, how about the janitorial services?

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Do you know what a DAG is? No, right, I'm guessing no because both HBAR and TRAC are DAGs, not blockchains.
It's okay, it's okay, I bet you get this kind of embarrassment a lot.

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I don't expect one but I wouldn't be shocked.

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fucks sake we are in a full fledged bull run after 3 years of red dildos… don’t miss out on future profits people

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you will regret now having a bag. baka this one is like guaranteed relay chain on DOT.

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Reefie sounds like sex disease

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What's you liq price?
>dunno but its shitty, i put my life savings (100.000 in bitcoin) and its already down 1%, off to a shitty start
Do retards like you think things you invest in will go up infinitely with no dips? Did you even look at the all time chart before you put your entire life savings in to it? I think you are fucking retarded, but even so, just hold. Hold on to your BTC, watch it go down on the chart to around 23-25 then it will bounce back up to a new all time high. If you did even the slightest bit of research though, you are planning to hold for a few years when BTC will be worth more than 200k each.

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This is just another shitcoin trying to ride the DOT hype.


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>what else could it be? it's not a fucking treadmill for 12 hours a day. its some sort of dildo action or genital masturbation addict
You are seriously nuts bro, sorry. The fact that you immediately jumped to masturbation is entirely a projection of yourself. The fact that you genuinely ask "WHAT ELSE CAN IT BE" shows you are not grounded in reality, have not experienced much of the real world, and have spent WAAAYYY too much time on the internet. No amount of jacking off or masturbation machines are going to shake your apartment to the point that your monitor is falling over, that would take heavy machinery and you would hear it. Are you a third worlder with an apartment made out of cardboard?

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>Daily projection thread: OMG I didn't fuck girls when I was young we all missed out right guys?!

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>My husband and I live on a rural farm, he does the hard yards out in the fields
>this is why I love stirring you guys up in my downtime. My husband and I unironically love watching people put themselves into financial ruin
>You virgin manlets will never make it. But sure, keep throwing money to a fucking computer network
Women have one purpose, to make children. How does it feel to know that the highest achievement you will ever make will be what you husband does? You know NOTHING of what it is to be a man. Your life will perpetually be the same as that of a child. Your bubble of knowledge, experience, talent is limited to what your husband can do. Don't mistake my position, I have respect for the value women provide. You are the one making a thread shitting on what men are attempting to accomplish, so I am telling you how it really is. Hope your husband is successful and you can provide him with many children and help raise them in a honorable way. (not that women know ANYTHING of honor)

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I think you guys might be confusing this with NCP, newton coin project and old cyrpto platform to buy crypto in Canada. This is most assuredly not that.

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Why do all these pajeet shitcoins use that fucking purple UI? it makes it so obvious...

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Honestly your best chance with women like this is to be upfront about y our intentions right away. Don't try to hang around them as a friend or whatever.

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>bear trap
I hope you tards aren't falling for this shit.

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>not filing your own taxes

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Are you seriously envious about tax pressure of an average european country?

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