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I am 34 years old and I come to this site multiple times every day

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>made $20k from $100 in one month thanks to this place
Is this actually real? This is not an internet scam? I can actually liquidate this to my bank account and buy stuff with it? What the fuck is crypto. How is this sustainable for the world's economy. I didn't do anything and I get money?

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should i sell?

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My grandfather really lived in a world where he could support a family of 5 in a two story house on a factory worker salary with no formal education and had a virgin wife he met when she was 19.

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How do I short whites

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>ICO id
What the fuck is this why always on kleros threads??

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Will BTC ever dip below $40k again?

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I saw Sergey Nazarov while visiting Auschwitz yesterday. Every time the tour guide started to talk about the camp he would interrupt by yawning really loudly and shout "Boring! Get to the good parts!" - I don't think he was even tired. When we got to the gas chamber he screamed "Fake, there were no gas chambers! The Soviets built this after the war" and then started mimicking a Jew suffocating on Zyklon B.

After the tour he walked straight up to me and said "they deserved it anyway", and praised the Nazis for their "decentralized" camp system, but they could have used an oracle to "improve the process." He then stood on a podium and informed everyone that Jews were "vermin" and that he had made it his mission to destroy the "Judeo-Bolshevic World Order."

Later that day the staff found pictures of the Chainlink logo stapled everywhere.

Even later they realized he stole most of shoes and striped pyjamas left by the gassing victims from the display. CCTV caught him walking around Salesforce HQ in the pyjamas pretending to be a ghost.

I can't believe anyone would buy a coin made by this guy.

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>toy trucks

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How much money do I need to stop turning red whenever I talk to a pretty girl?

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I lost money in a bullrun

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Why are amerisharts always talking about taxes?

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Is money all there is to it? What do i do after making it? How do I fill the hollowness in my life? Will money fill it?

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i wanted to post that one anon

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>put 51k link on blockfi
>get suddenly incredible anxiety lasting for the few hours i put it on there
>can't even withdraw it for a week now

someone please assure me that transfering this amount from binance was the correct move. i didn't trust it either but their withdrawal process was smooth as fuck without worry. now im locked in. some basic calculations indicate i will earn 233 link aka 6500$ usd a month. it really can't this easy right? why does it feel so bad

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Why can't I find any SOXL-brand semiconductors? Did I just go all in on a scam company?

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>30$ link
>about to put 50k on blockfi
>@ 5.5% APY thats almost 53 link a month
>1590$ usd a week
>unironically, still can't make it

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I would have so much more money right now if I had listened to the retards on crypto Twitter instead of you absolute brainlets

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And fundamentally this is not ok, you are supposed to lose money in the market.
If you are losing money already, good goy.

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Crypto has never existed outside of the Golden Stock Market Run of 2009-2021. What will happen to it in a real recession?

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Should i mine something? Will it increase my electricity bills?

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Why are all the sell orders large amounts of btc and all the buys tiny amounts?

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No u

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I’m 34 and balding. Is making it even possible for me anymore?

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