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Pretty much. Now imagine how much liquidity exists outside of LINK, ready to fomo in when the suppressors want.
If AVAX or some shit pumps 3x from here its finished. Literally every retard is in. There is nobody to buy. They probably also have BBB, Rubic, ADA, Doge and other in their shitfolio.
Now imagine LINK suddenly pumps to 100$, extremely quickly when suppressors want it to. These fags STILL wont be in but they’ll he attracted to the pump like a fly to shit. All that liquidity in all those other coins will suddenly fly to LINK. Imagine the pump.

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says Chainlink could overtake.
See attached tweet
and source
CTRL-F 'chainlink' 4 results

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Daddy BTC dump 3% soon

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4 years why does LINK crab every Jan-March biz?
February particularly

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linky dinky

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cmon lil stinky... you can do it buddy

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both cute but so is sergay

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I'm gonna give you the best financial/life tip that you can get:
>>28764752 follow this anons advice and also learn how to keep yourself healthy and fit.
If you really want to invest throw a few hundred into BTC and Chainlink and forget about it for the next 5years. Your future husband will be very happy that you can bring even more to the table tgan your youth and skills when you start a family together. Also marry as young as possible and become (latin mass) Catholic or Orthodox (the men you meet there won't be bumps or cheaters but also not onions faces betas).
Good luck
t. Easter Euro anon who is on his way to make it this bullrun.

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All these bitches complaining about LINK but where the fuck were you 3 years ago? fuck where were you at the beginning of January when the price was 16$?? Quit bitchin cuz you got a late entry and just hold. Saw this lil nigga say that he bought at 26 and sold at 22... Imagine being that retarded

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Can someone redpill me on LINK and tell me why it's a good long term hold? Is the tech even there yet? Are there people actually use Chainlinks smart contracts? Why does Sergey Dump every week?

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fucked CHECKED

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What do you expect it to do, drop like a stone?

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need linky go higher sirs

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I love the pain, yes sergey!!! Help me suffer even more!!! I like the way this sucks!!

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I wonder what the cumulative net worth of this board will be once LINK hits 1k

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just bought 160 link....

Am I gonna make it? Be honest

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I have 4k to throw in a coin and I am thinking of just dumping it all in Link and then forgetting about it for the rest of the year..
Should I wait for another dip or not

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When linky hits $50 I will purchase a 4chan Pass

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my dad beats me. help im 12 year olds how can i make price of link go high so papa is not angry?

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>they had 4 years

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Stinky Linky

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