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>[I]n studies using the Java Graphical Authorship Attribution Program (JGAAP) stylometry software—applying the Burrows Delta Analysis Method—found that the author of the CryptoNote whitepaper was more likely to be the author of the Bitcoin whitepaper than the author of any of 15 leading papers selected from the Monero literature.
>Stylometry theory says Nicolas van Saberhagen’s writing has more in common with Satoshi Nakamoto’s than with 15 prominent Monero experts.

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did you create xmr?

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>its rumoured that one anon of the head devs is satoshi.

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And the last one

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> where were you when you realized satoshi and saberhagen are one of the same???
FUNGIBILITY IS ALL IMPORTANT and bitcoin can never achieve it on the base layer. This is a monero education thread if do not understand the importance of XMR then post in this thread and become enlightened by fellow anons who have seen the light. If you don't have over half your crypto portfolio in XMR you are doing it wrong.

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