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>random chart that has nothing to do with the tech fundies
try again

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holy based

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my images are unrelated

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wrong chart
>he actually doesnt know

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Isn’t it nice how even during a crash gas prices are now way lower? I wonder what changed

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>Astrology is not as big of a bullshit as you might think it is at first.
"millionaires don't use astrology - Billionaires do." - J.P. Morgan
>Only trust yourself and your inner voice, question everything. Literally everything.
truth here

almost everyone i know who claims that also has free time and has heard about uber/ubereats. just go drive drunk teenagers round/ deliver them macdonalds on a friday & saturday night and thats an extra hundred or 2 extra per week. suddenly you have money and that means options.

thank you, i hope you prosper.

the trick is to be working so you're contributing to that portfolio, and invest in assets that go 10x. keep doing that & it'll keep growing. so what you're not going to retire after this cycle, thats ok theres another one in 5 years. build up a huge stack so you have options. it allows you to start living your life. want to buy a house? go for it. want to buy someone a wedding ring? do it. want to start a business? invest in a friends business? travel?

you must first learn to be happy alone, and with nothing. just with yourself in your own mind and literally nothing else. Never underestimate the power of nature - go in to a forest and find a nice spot on a nice day and sit down with your thoughts. do this as many times as you need. think about your desires, things you can appreciate now, what you can be grateful for, and look forward to the ride we're all on.

i wouldn't be surprised is BTC is over 100k EOY

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don’t get the hate, cute link cosplayers are cute regardless of race

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$12.56 stablecoin

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It's cool how soon LINK + Deco will let the OG link marines confirm they bought in early during 2017 and they hold 100k+ link without needing to actually disclose their wallet's public key. We can forge a new board and only allow OG linkposters. Enjoy niggers.

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heiken ashi daily and weekly are green now. if moonthly turns green (which its trending towards), that will be confirmation of moon

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ohhhh linkies~

>At issue at Citigroup is the infrastructure underpinning its systems meant to identify risk and protect customer data.

Many of Citigroup’s various businesses, for example, run on their own independent systems that have their own methods for tracking customers and transactions. There are hundreds of identification systems inside the bank. A customer doing business with multiple parts of the bank could have different identification codes for each one.

goodness me, I wonder what could fix this sort of thing~

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i hope this is the case. give me some cheap stinks please.

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>there's at least one person who sold at $6.52 on coinbase

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>tfw edd bonus runs out at end of the month
>tfw when i live rent free anyway and have been saving every cent since March
>tfw now i want to put it into stinkies but it looks like it's about to crash

why must life be so hard bros. the state is essentially giving me FREE STINKS and i cant even pull the trigger.

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I have 12.5k Link. Told myself i’d never buy above $1 but lately i’ve been feeling like i dont have enough. I saved money thanks to Covid, and i could buy an extra 4K right now, where i’d feel satisfied.

What do Biz?

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holy shit not even the bitcoin dump managed to stop link's momentum, it's already back at the pre satoshi scare

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I just sold all my link I can't take it anymore this dump is too much. Niggers and roasties are on Twitter buying link and this was the same as when btc was at 20,000. Link is about to break that trendline and go into a multi 6+ month bear trend down to 8000 sats again just like eth did in 2017 summer. I'm out goodbye enjoy the dump

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I hope you guys bought the dip like I told you yesterday >>18722575
And I'll say it again, fuck the nico posters

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It implied buying physical crude oil, which means you needed a proper place to store it, so nothing to worry about.
However you came just in time for another once in a lifetime chance to escape wage cuckery: just buy chainlink.

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Is it already in the process, just hard to notice?
Or is it waiting for a killer app or implementation that sees savings and causes a cascade?
Or, maybe some technology is holding it back (which i think is les of an issue than i used to. Ethereum i used to consider it a bottle neck till ETH 2 many years from now, but with things like Abitrum i no longer believe this is going to stop Link mooning at least initially.

I've been holding this shit so long I can really see the forest from the trees anymore.

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link is not going under 4

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