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I once had a job where I was bent over hand-tying reinforcing steel mesh for a massive industrial floorslab 40 hours per week non stop for months. One night about halfway through the job I came home and slashed my wrists up in the bath but was sadly unsuccessful.

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Getting all my wisdom teeth removed later this month

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>Mfw I sold at the bottom

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>This is the exact same issue, buttercup.
>Chainlink solves the oracle problem, Bitcoin solves the digital cash problem.


If garbage data can compromise a chainlink data stream the oracle problem is NOT solved. It's that simple.

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3 Words
Human. Meat.

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>Is it illegal for me to terminate the hotel stay and go back to the US without telling her
Nope, and it's just at this point.

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These aren't arguments and just make you sound more delusional than originally anticipated.
Can you please discuss the method by which BTC will topple global banking infrastructure, also without starting a war because BTC has no standing army and would lose immediately.

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>BTC too fucking slow to do anything meaningful with
>ETH gets more expensive the more people using it, preventing any meaningful work from being done
>Tether is printed from thin air and in a RICO trial for 1 trillion dollars
Crypto is a fucking shit show isn't it? We're never going to use this tech, its all trash

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>muh store of value
How is this volatile digital fairy dust a store of value? It pumps crazy, it dumps crazy. That is instability, not a store of value.
if my neighbor sells his diamonds, my diamonds do not suddenly lose value. Again, how is that a store of value?
BTC is fucking useless and the only reason it has "value" is because someone hopes to sell it to another sucker more than they paid for it. This is a literal ponzi scheme. BTC provides no value in and of itself.

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