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all of them paid market price for the billions of VET

Where are the shills that barked in december this will be $15 by July "and thats being conservative"

It has just dropped back to the december price.

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LMFAOOOOOOOO at buying BNB now
the pump is gone
its dropping now

you will be holding bags now

people who bought sub 200k sats made it.

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ven has been the shittiest slowest moving coin of all time
the only reason it gained value was because of the bull market aka when every single shitcoin gained value, it reached 82k satoshi because of the bull and Binance BMW competition which used to pump any coin.

after that it just dropped and dropped.

it has no value, look at how it has behaved in the bear market aka the time when people find out if a coin is truly a "gold"
vechain just showed its true color aka scamcoin.

I should've bought BNB in december instead of this dogshit coin

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at its peak, during the great BTC rise, this shetcoin managed to hit $9 only aka 82k Satoshi and that was all because of the constant Bitcoin price rise and the binance competition going on.

lots of shitcoins rose during that period.

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hahahahaha dead at premined coins to "test" the blockchain, imagine the amount of people believing the dev and the shills shilling.
Vechain 2.0

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dropped to 44k and then returns to 46k and shows "5%" ED
shills celebrating and start saying "HODL strong bros we are gaining 5% everday"

absolute fucking KEK

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called it a shitcoin since day one.
The devs are absoloutely childish and use memes all the time. They never deliver on time, their so called "wraith protocol" was delayed 4 times and then they said it would release before new year and they delayed that too. Shills were barking " oh its still not yet new year in x country"
they had 7+ months to write the code lmfaooo and they didn't do it, time for the lazyfucks to fade away into oblivion

just take a look at their subreddit LMFAOOOO if that doesn't scream scam(prohibiting free speech to the max) then i don't know what does.

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hahahahahah just look at the volume and its "beautiful" drop

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i am talking about the shills telling others to HODL even tho the newbs bought at 50k+ satoshi plus.
It will go back up bro, only sellers lose bro, weak hands shaking out bro

this dogshit coin full of fake partnerships will go further down, and you're an autist for still holding it or choosing to go down with it

brb can sell at 60k satoshi for 10 btc but instead choose to hold and now at 30000 your coins are worth 5 btc, you just lost 5 btc hodling like a retard.
if you sell the top you can buy the bottom again, that's how crypto works

holding shitcoins never works..

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