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you stupid fucking lying bobos said we were going to dump down further!!! I sold but was able to recover my loss with a few good trades. fuck you bobos.

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Who pulled the rug?

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shut the fuck up you stupid fucking faggot!! The only thing that is illegal is your history search.

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>So we leave nova and delegate where now? What is Classy?
Nigger please, you stand out like a sore thumb. If you're gonna try and infiltrate this place at least spend a month learning how to blend in so you don't come off as a complete and utter newfaggot.

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>be me
>been NEET for nearly three years
>tried to get an apprentice position
>wrote over a hundred applications, invited to almost a dozen job interviews
>always got rejected
>tried some last attempts and finally got one
>finished my apprenticeship last summer as one of the best countrywide
>got contract afterwards with lowest pay grade
>applied for better positions with better payment
>invited to some interviews and become second choice twice
>"Sry, Anon. You have really good marks and an impressive reference from your employer but you don't have work experience."
>applied for another job
>autistic wimp I did my training with applied for the same job
>all his grades were mediocre and so his employer's reference
>he gets the job and I become second choice for another time

So, what have I actually worked for now, if performance is not rewarded in the end?

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You unrepentant faggots, he wants to stack a Senate and bypass governance so they can merge the lunas and get massive payouts in the process because they have hundreds of millions of tokens. And those of us here with 5-10 mill bags will eat a dick once that happens. The coin valuations will be stacked in 2una's favor. He's talking about having LUNC purely as a remittance token, read his fucking Twitter feed!

Everyone should listen to that AMA to know what's coming. If we don't stop them now our bags are done for.

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>faggot bobos spamming false bullish threads again

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anyone invested? seems like a decent project with great partnership. why people selling like hell?

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>business board
>no threads about businesses
>all threads are about crypto

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I just got banned for posting a
comment under Nick Avocado spampost.

Jannies are you fucking drunk??? You shouldnt mix alco with HRT

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I don't get what he's bitching about, he was offered leadership position multiple times and the community kept asking him as well. but he kept refusing. now he's salty because TR cucks aren't listening to him and everything's unraveling? yeah tough luck cupcake, you caused this with your mountain man bullshit!

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>FTX hacker
it's sam dumbass. how many times can this jew trick you retards?

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>Russia threatening nuclear war
>economy collapsing
>cities burning
>Jews fleeing
>stock market pumps

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not one reply in this entire thread has proposed one viable asset class to invest in for a population collapse scenario

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are there actually still any retards left holding these heavy bags they bought at $70 average? VC's are still up x216. time to sell and move on

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manipulated piece of crap. I'm out. Pump it for all I care. Mother fucker. Next bullrun I will be 100% an alt maxi. Similar risk. Superior gains. Fuck this mother fucker. This pump is retarded and it's only happening because of low volume whale bullshit games. LITERALLY untradeable. All the moves are fake in a bear market.

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>look at me! I'm le edgy
Fuck jannies 99% of the time, but rn is not one of those times. Fuck this gay shit

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You are a faggot. Do you have a crush on him or something?

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Did you take your pill today jimmy? back to the bed.

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Can someone please explain to me what the fuck is wrong with AMD?
>Doesn't correlate to QQQ.
>Doesn't correlate to NVDA.
>Opens gapped up
>immediately takes a massive shit
Why? What the actual fuck is wrong with this sack of shit?

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