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Nice ID anon synchronicity. I am in

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My guts are telling me that BTC is about to dump.

> What about you anon?

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This is warning that the conversion is taxable events for US cucks.

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Lets start a thread on how what anons have done to escape warehouse or minimum wage hell hole.

Seriously, if you are making less than 25 an hour thats just pathetic for waging.

I'll start: My friends mom is travel nurse and she used to fly to California every week. We chatted and I learned that she made lots of $$ with overtime.

3 years later, I became a RN and I am earning over 180k a year with overtime.

Anons, what are you doing to earn more than living wage?

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> she just raked in 7-9k a week as travel nurse.
Thats what I make in 6 weeks. WTF bros?

No larp.

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I have a chink ETF on my watchlist.
I may buy if it dips

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i have learned a lot this week and im looking forward to investing some money

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Whomst do you represent?

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Why is there no roadmap anywhere??

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nobody is fucking hiding it

do you even understand what ether delta is? a decentralised exchange. you can trade whatever the fuck you want on it. including CAN coins that ppl got from ICO. you will fucking fail hard if you don't start to learn the fundamentals of this game, including exchanges and how they each work. fucking absolute dickhead.

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I just got just'd like never before:

>saw AION is listen on Binance
>check on coinmarketcap price
>See on Binance 0.00017000

>buy as quick as I can

>tfw price starts going down
>tfw you relize you missed one zero and the price was 0.0017000

down by 5x in matter of seconds

holy shit

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Question about using BitMex leverage and shorting/longing.

I've been 100% on calling and buying BTC dips, but I've never shorted or used leverage before. Given my correct calls due to TA understanding, I want to start using leverage on long/shorts.

I don't have a lot of money and don't understand really how I can use 100x leverage if I have 2k$ USD. Are they really just magically able to lend you 200k$ if you have 2k$?

How does this make sense? Why would they be able to lend so much money to someone with such small portfolio, but is sure into his TA skills?

I'm new to trading, but I've looken into TA and learned it to the level where I feel very yecure into my logic and calls.. I called almost everything I've looked into with surgical precision, not even joking. The problem is I don't really have big BR and was never trading before. Within short amount of time I came to where I am now, and want to start short/long leverage trading.

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Looking for TA people that wanna form a group and signal others before breakouts and just general discuss what is happening.

I'm one man team and it would be good if couple of people joined in so we can form a team and keep an eye on certain things. It's exhausting doing daily TA on 50 different cryptos. It would be much easier if everyone just had its own shit to do and work like a group.

Drop me your discord link so I can add you.

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its easy to make a shitty infograph like that can put a bunch of checks on it

>instant messaging
oh wow what a feat

also at the bottom
>when static nodes are full
>planned target speed


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Can someone explain to me why people think BTC will crash, because of BTC Futures?

Why would two new exchanges cause anything to do with the price of BTC?

Sorry for being retarded, but just explain it to me. I really don't understand 'muh two new liquid exchanges will crash BTC, because everyone will short BTC'.

You can already short BTC, why would two new exchanges bring any difference, if people there start shorting BTC. Shorting has nothing to do with influencing price, it's simply an option that you can choose if you believe if stock is going down.

What am I getting wrong here?

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What's better:

1.) Daytrading / Swingtrading and being glued to screen 12 hours per day

2.) Researching/Learning/Investing into good ICOs and Projects, while learning/enjoying life and be stress free, check what's happening here and there and sell for 10x+ few months down the line.

I'd really like to hear some arguments from daytraders and how much they earn.

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tfw you realize the way to get rich is to find out small undervalued projects with great team and working product, buy into it and just close your eyes for 2 months until it goes at least 5x and then rise and repeat

anyone else came to same conclusion, after stressing for a couple of months trading everyday and losing nerves over FUD?

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>>not actually listed on binance

the absolute state of /biz/

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Please vote


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> largest exchange by volume wash trades BTC with car wash tokens that are not backed by anything

>doesn't matter

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They're using their own magic internet money (USDT) to buy up and pump the price of other magic internet money (BTC and altcoins). Then they can sell the magic internet money on other exchanges for real money. Sounds like a good business

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> Daytrade

> Get fucking JUST'd

Good luck with your endeavors

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Let's examine the price of Bitcoin and do some technical analysis

> January 2017 - $966
> July 2017 - $2856
> November 2017 - $7000

I'll have to think about this one and get back to you

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>tfw your shitcoins crashed so hard you now owe money away

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