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Altcoins are big this summer, which altcoin should I buy kind sirs? I have 5000 rupees to spend.

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>You are going to sell the top, aren't you?

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No more dividends. DIVIDENDS are CANCELLED.

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What role are you going to play in the upcoming apocalypse, /biz/bros? Who /looter/ here?

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this is a capitalist country. that means that when you invest your capital at a risk, you could potentially make a large profit. (you could also get wiped out as we're seeing in the stock market) Maybe if you keep crying about it like a little white trash trailer bitch, then Bernie will magically get elected and turn this into a socialist country and we'll all be enslaved by a Postal Service / DMV style government then you won't see others who have something you don't...

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kiss me

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>tfw already having lots of liquid cash money on hand is going to make me rich, poorfags with no money can’t use their money to make more money. Kek

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Preparing for a good rush is delusional right
>Why would they use it
Because it's being patented and its the first company to date actually trying to extend a blockchain network outward into space in preparation for future

Companies in the us are actually liable for what they say unlike your pajeet scam coins

Kys fag

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No-one is forcing you to take part in it. Do what you want, dude.
And let others do what they want with their own money and body.

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Based and redpilled.

In the worst case scenario there will be communities where people work the good old ways. Wagies working for each other without high automation at current living standards. Just like how african tribes continue to live their own way of life.

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ITT biz name the best microcaps in the crypto space.

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We need to get a serious series going.
There's a lot of money to be made with the technology emerging from blockchain.

Blockchain is the backbone. How to extend onto that backbone is what everyone else is trying to figure out right now.

The scaling solution wont just make transactions faster. the underlying fintech will transform trust around all digital services.
Privacy, Cloud (regular servers for mmo's and social networks), and tapping in to the real world like gps.

I'll need to find a way to let you know it's "me" without outright name fagging.
We need to push this forward.

I have my sights dead set on creating a trustless nearly fully autonomous drug delivery system.
a bit more infrastructure needs to be filled out.
there needs to be self driving cars and "pick up sites"

the shit can't stop by your house obviously.

trustless fully decentralized postal system.
that's the first goal
we need gps for that.
a bit more iot would help, but self driving cars are enough to do a lot of damage

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It’s already running on testnet. It’s literally finished. DYOR

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If you want a raise you need to become more valuable to your employer. Take on more responsibility, be more productive, work smart and do more than others in your position would do. Read some books about negotiation too. It also doesn't hurt to look good, good looks give you some advantage in life. Exercise, eat healthy and dress well. Good luck!

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You were saying?

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This is a good post.

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no, entry was 638 out at 647. volatility is crazy right now, not advised to weak hands.

plus btc started tanking problly cuz of this double top, might be time to pull the plug. not out yet.


didnt check but id say prolly since if btc tanks eth will too. bearih divergences are stronger on 12h / 1d / wkly charts. low time frames can fake u out.

had to post a pic cause i tried posting duplicate file. lol

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>be me
>no degree
>literally a neet until the age of 24
>move to us from middle eastern country
>make a resume lying about past experiences
>nothing too out of the ordinary, working at a restaurant, moving upto manager rank, then moving onto marketing department of some company while freelancing music production and audio engineering (last part could be considered true since im a beast at fl studio LOL)
>none of the employers can call and confirm since its all xp back in my home country
>they just have to take my word for it
>apply to like 10 jobs
>get calls from 8 of them
>during the interviews i just tried hard not to be an autist and said shit that attracts employers like being responsible, being a team leader, always ready to help, friendly and easy to work with etc.
>didnt know shit about any of the jobs, just kinda winged it, was friendly and asked questions whenever i didnt know wtf to do
>making 50k per year right now
>reading this thread about americans with masters degree not able to find jobs

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No. I really think cryptos are the future. Bitcoin might have hard times ahead and might not be the ultimate crypto in the future, but it surely is the godfather of the scene. The current monetary and economical system is corrupt and done for. Bubbles everywhere, real estate, credit, college tuition, car loans etc. etc. 20$+ trillion dollars of debt only in the US, constant criminal bailouts for fucker banks. Printing money is stealing from the regular people's pockets. Everytime they print money and give to their criminal friends at wall street, they devalue the money in ur pocket and just give it to ur friends.

Thats why BTC is AMAZING. You always know how many bitcoin is getting printed everyday, its decentralized, its 10x better than gold and fiat.

Why was gold the standard? Cause it was a scarce resource. Well there will only be 21 million BTC, EVER. I'm sure that we'll find more gold in the future, but $BTC will always be hard capped at 21m. So that makes it deflationary which is so valuable in an economic system its unbelievable.

Along with the fact that transfering BTC is so easy. You literally can transfer millions of dollars for a cost of less than a dollar. Do you know how much money governments spend when they try to transfer their gold reserves from country to country? Literally millions of dollars. Gold is heavy and not ez to transfer. BTC? Just a line of code and after a few confirmations you're all set.

BTC poses a threat to every centralized being. VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram, Governments, Bankers. These beings are literally the SCUM of earth. Fuck all of these motherfuckers. All they do is leech off of the people. They will all burn to the ground.

I could yap about this all day, but basically long term I'm insanely bullish on BTC once people understand the true potential that it holds. Not because of TA, but fundamentals.

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I put $50 in when it dipped to 5K earlier in the year then cashed out when it went back to 10K.

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What cryptos have the most partnerships? I want to start a new portfolio and would like to buy the top 5-10 cryptos with the most partnerships.

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Hi, I'm a superior being from /g/ and I'm here to tell you that crypto will never have a run like back in the December/January you experienced. Stop wasting your time and stop pissing your lunch money away on imaginary internet coins.

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Alts crashing compared to BTC in this already big bear market is THE sign to get out of the market overall. Once BTC gives even a slight sign of retracing, all the alts will dump even harder.
You anons have been claiming the bottom for months now. Guess what, it isn't still here, claim it however much you want.


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