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Imagine Not buying this dip.
Dont be a fucking clown ANON!

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>promote synergy
>we're switching to kanban
>we're switching to scrum
>pursuing blue ocean business strategies
>have all stakeholders been notified
>subject matter experts have given us positive feedback on the new leadership initiative
>don't focus on problems only solutions

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How would you monetize performative cruelty?

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You fail to communicate properly and when you meet someone that doesn't want to google every little bullshit letter combination that people arbitrarily use, instead of explaining yourself like a human being you decide to not only waste his time but your own time as well. Definition of an asshole. Someone going out of his way to act like a prick towards others.

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I'm just waiting till it goes below $2, I'll start buying biz's panic sells then sell it back to them at $4-8.

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