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correct, it is all about genes and your genes are corrupted and antagonistic to nature, your obsession with. genetics is a byproduct of your reptilian progenitors that want the eradication of man, terraforming the planet with npcs. Your societies are trash and spiritually devoid filled with mental illness, communal degeneration, material blindness, and meaningless consumption. Even with the world at your helm, your peak achievement is relative stability and thats at the expense of others, the parasite would show its true colors when it isnt able to suck

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incels will never enjoy the satisfying oxytocin release from fleshly human contact, the WILL remain deprived and they WILL bitch about it on camboadian cacao tending message boards

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your foundation is invalid and the spirit of the aryan is imbued the the phoenixs ash, try again and shape up lest you fall in vain

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live anime adaptations ARE possible, dont let the audience say otherwise

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