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yeah i get the meme, but I'm a grammar nazi and can't approve of changing the meaning of words.

Anyway, I did cash out some BTC recently for gold coins. Gold has gone fucking nowhere since then.

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>my mom in 2005
"Buy a house anon, prices will NEVER come down, get on the ladder, you're just paying someone elses rent"

Also they believe all the TV propaganda about evil Russia and Putin. My mom literally shouts at the TV. She is a retard.

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Or you could try giving it maximum effort.

Learn about carpenting stuff, watch as many youtube vids as you can, ask questions, exapnd your knowledge, make something yourself, like a bird house or a fucking dog house or something.

Or just quit and move on. But don't go the middle of the road way, half assed effort way.

Either fully do it, or don't do it.

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And why do they think that's it's so great here in New Zealand too? And why would they think they would be fucking welcome?

"Fuck off, we're full"

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they can't even stop people using BitTorrent, no matter how hard the music and movie industry cried.

So how the fuck can they stop Bitcoin. And how the FUCK are they going to stop things like ZCash and Monero.

Bitcoin and things like it will undermine governments and the nation state itself. Get ready

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yeah but go in any McDonalds or whatever and look at the women. I wouldn't touch those fat fucks with a ten foot pole with shit on the end.

This thread is about women of quality.

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