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>The same retarded shit was spouted during the cold war.
Invest in what you want to lad, it's a free market.

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>the Italian thread on /int/
that is filled with zoomers and trannies, they have no idea how the world works

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>market hemorrhaging
>robinhood has "technical issues"
>just received a company email at work about a blackout period for quarterly analysis

Big hmmm....

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hey buddy, before you pop a blood vessel, why don't you go ahead and try to reverse image search this, good luck ending up here. Furthermore, stop gatekeeping

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>imagine putting value into a horoscope
I took your silly test and it told me I'm ENTJ. So not only am I smhaaat, I employ beta INTJs that wageslave for my benefit. Send me your apps, I'll make sure to throw them in the trash :^)

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Aite boys, let's run it up.

you know the drill, reply with your eth address and i'll hook you up with a common flower. trips/quads will get something special

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>still falling for this shite
Shiggy Diggy lads

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How can I as an American, get my elected officials to fight on my behalf for my crypto rights? Can we make a petition or something?

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Is there anything I can do about legal weed shops in my city only hiring women as budtenders? It’s pretty obvious gender discrimination when there isn’t a single male behind the counter.

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How to do 100 push ups consecutively? Maxxed at 60, hardest thing I ever did too

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kill yourself

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kill yourself

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Post the response nigger

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>that 24 year old white male that roleplays as an indian on an online imageboard

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Now clean up Fukushima

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You guys don't actually follow the business advice given on this board, right?

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Another victim of the kike-ademia. RIP OP but remember - never give up. Fight back. You won't find a job so make yourself one.

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But they are literally burning money right now...

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Get rid of options entirely

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>brexit crashes the euro markets anyway
>stops financing greek, Italian and Spanish dept
>South America implodes
>everyone gives all their money to American markets for safety
DOW TO 1,000,000

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He's criticising your idea that buying different companies in the same INDUSTRY is considered decreasing risk
He's right

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Unironically based water anon. Did you buy CWCO?
>having empathy for strangers
Lmao at your life

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lol OMG just displaced vechain

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