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Are you retarded faggots really that stupid? This is not a pasta shill, this is coming straight from my soul. I am not a pajeet, my whiteness would blind you in the sun.

Do you idiots understand how math works? If you have $50 dollars in bitcoin, you will NEVER MAKE IT DAY TRADING 1) because you are too stupid 2) even if you were a genius you’d never be able to time the market better than 50% of the time, effectively having the same odds as random chance 3) making 5% ten times in a row is STILL LESS THAN 1000% GAINS.

Your only chance to make it is to go ALL IN on a coin and hit a 10x. Once you do, you can split it and diversify and do it again. I started with 10k in June and now have 1.3MM, and I’ve made probably around 30 trades. You losers who sit in front of charts all day “muh day trading” and end up down 15% after 14 hours make me sick. You’re wasting an opportunity that will never come again.

Deep Brain Chain (DBC) is the next 10-20x. Your only chance is going all in on this coin. I have NEVER been so sure of a moon coin before. It is a function AI/Blockchain technology that is ready for market and has NO competitors. Singularitynet is fucking gay and run by some drugged out faggot who looks like weird al yankovich and won’t be available for months or more, and won’t be working for even longer. DBC’s team is experienced with B2B industries which is what DBC is meant for. This is a coin people will WANT to own. It will hit a 500MM market cap in weeks, which is about 9x from the current price. It will absolutely go higher but since you retards have ADHD that is what you can expect to cash out with in under a month. This is your chance to get into a 10x at basically ground floor. DO NOT WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY.


mapping molecular/chemical topologies, building complex financial models (think renaissance medallion fund level), nano interaction models, etc. You’re just going to have to trust me on this one.

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check page 15


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5$ EOD

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You called Rakesh?

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Who here still have no brainz after all the major developments and progress posted above?

>it's a no brainer really anon

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