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invest in some heavenly treasures fren. Also happy birthday

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I'm depressed bros. I have lost my purpose and feeling like killing myself almost daily. I feel very hopeless

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brothers reminder to not lose faith.
before us other men have held the line before the dark, and now it falls to us to hold these bags, to kingdom come if needed

Now it is our time. Whenever you feel that flicker of doubt, of weakening of faith, just remember I am standing right beside you. We are going to BTFO these Jannies and Trannies.

We are all going to make it


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I hope so but some anons like >>24104286
are motivating me, thanks frens!

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Trump Wil be missed , he was funny entertainment and based.

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Yes I know " what about my shitcoin sir" listen you fags I am here for you representing once I a life time chance to make something out of your pathetic life.
Let me ask you , would you rather have money or power , what would you choose? I mean money is great you can have many tranny parties and can buy so much coke with it , you can also buy a house help your family yada yada what ever. But what about power anon I am sure sure is the answer . Now imagine you got a saying in all what happens around you , you actually decide something or some rule in you environment, you don't like the name of your street , change it. You don't like the design of your national currency ? Change it . You want trump to be president for 10 more years ? You got it. But how you ask me ? How can I get this kind of power ?
The answer is LAW , that's right that why trump always tweet about LAW and order aka law in the new world order aka digital law enforcement aka KLEROS COURT. aaaaa no kleros is pajeet scam, no fag listen me out.
The pajeet meme going on is actually fud from secret agents to avoid you buying there golden coin. Actual Indian gov are accumulating and they are not alone. Buy some now and become the next 1%.

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How do I turn 150k into 5 million?

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Why algo ?
Dude, we're talking about money. If you want to suck a dick, go out
Yes, I bought and sold PNK. It was a great trip. It's like I used a tok tok in India. PNK I owe a big thank you for 10x

What do you think of SNX and WNXM?

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