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Get on my level

>t. 33yr old boomer

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You just described me perfectly but I'm happy and I believe that's what counts

I'm 33 and bald. I love my shaved head but I'm lazy about shaving it so I'm the man who always has a hat on
I "wasted" a little more than my 20s
I dont want to travel. I'm a cripple and like having good hospitals and health insurance. I prefer to look at the same stuff online
I'm not a virgin but I have erectile dysfunction and verified incredibly low test nowadays
I didn't do anything other than make money
I have nonhobbies other than automobiles
Yes a lot of health problems. Autism, multiple traumatic brain injuries, I was in a bad accident so I'm a cripple who cant run/jump/squat or stand too long but j can walk. I have heart disease, heart failure, and have had a heart attack. I have no memory but that allows me to rewatch the same movies and shows repeatedly
I've also got prosopagnosia so I dont even recognize people and I come off as rude because idk who anyone is or their name when they recognize me. Years ago before I moved people would recognize me and say like hey Adam what's up and I'd just draw a blank
I moved and abandoned all my "friends" many years ago. I just didn't enjoy spending time with them. It felt like wasting time. They all smoked weed. They come with obligations and I've been used by most friends
I dont ever want children

Despite all of this I'm very happy. In fact this is the best time of my life. I had a bad childhood, was on probation with a curfew my whole teenage years, spent 18-mid 20s in and out of jail/probation/prison.
Nowadays I'm completely free. I dont use any drugs. I have money. I eat good.
I'd like to find some hobbies that I enjoy other than cars bikes boats

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