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>literally at ATH
>return to normal

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>rich dad poor dad says debt is good, take out all the loans you can and just claim Bankruptcy when you are 42 and work a dead end job until you ultimately die of alcoholism.

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i have 7 eth in different wallets you fucking troglodyes

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>Yeah, I'm not a socialist

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Anime posters are actual cancer.
Was just taking a shitty shoe brand that I assumed a shit c tier department store would sell. The fact that you confirm that they sell them, while defending such a shitty store exposes you for an actual poorfag that shops at tj max

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>>low marketcap
>>launched at +$1billion

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>project has ”staking” even though its main product has nothing to do with it

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>BTC - massive bull
>Tim templetons next pnd - hype died and down 15%
the play of the day is obviously buying sav3

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>Read the white paper. It's the best i've read.
Is it the only whitepaper you have read?

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spooky. thanks fren

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>simping for Marx and spouting a bunch of factually incorrect information

His model literally fails because of supply and demand. It REQUIRES authoritarianism to combat the free market.

If you think a machine that can perform the exact same labor task as a human 100x better produces no value, you are literally a deluded schizo.

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haha mad because you're scawed of wosing all your winkie gains when its back to $4.50

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>"buy the dip"
>dip never comes

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>accumulate silver from the bottom over the years
>sell the top and crash the price
>go to step one
>"why the fuck would they do this?"

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A common piece of advice you'll see for investing is "time in the market beats timing the market."
This is good advice and the root of nearly all large fortunes.


There is a little twist you can add that will help you time market cycles and do even better.
Remember that markets are just the result of people buying and selling. The market can be highly dependent on emotion in situations where real value inflows and outflows are difficult to measure (think a cryptocurrency) or relatively immune to emotion in situations where real overheads are significant and real demand is relatively well quantifiable (think traditional commodities).

Here's the gem: the more a market is like the former (without hard to adjust inflows and outflows) the more it is subject to market cycles. And market cycles in these situations are generally the result of the main investors forgetting the pain of loss (causing bull markets) and forgetting the euphoria of gains (causing bear markets). That is a biologic phenomenon. Markets driven by younger people will have shorter market cycles as their neurons are highly plastic; those driven by older investors tend to be longer as they have more memories and less neural plasticity.

As the most common investor of a given market's age increases, the market cycles get longer. Watch what happens with crypto as the people with big stacks get into their 30's/40's. And after the next boom bust cycle, remember this post.

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>cold calling
>during a quarantine
>after 5 pm

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