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i only make low six figures working from home and have only 200k liquid invested hopefully some day i will be a millionaire crypto chad like you!!!

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I moved out at 15

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I have a computer science degree and had multiple portfolio projects and it still took me like a year after graduation to find a job making $60k

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you will never have a 10/10 Italian actress playfully taunt you with her beauty. Why even live


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in your pic related it says to click pic related, but when i click that pic it makes the pic related smol. Im too retarded to sell, glad mi frens helped me bought

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You have a button in front of you. Every time you push the button, you get $10 million, but 10 random people around the world die (it can never be you but it can be anyone else.) Would you push it? How many times would you push the magic button?

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Im all in in LUNC

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My dog died..

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Hi anon, I’m a lawyer, and fucking hate it. Qualified as lawyer 6 years ago but at this stage I feel like kms every fucking day... I’m only at junior level in private practice, but seriously considering another career of crypto doesn’t work out for me.

Working in a law firm is one of the oldest Ponzi schemes around, the profits go to the equity partners, whilst the donkeys at associate level and below are working 80-100 hours a week. Sorry to break it to you, but there are better careers out there, you may want to re-consider!!

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Be me
Poor Eurofag
38, still lives at home
Saved up €100k from working, all kept in deposit account with my bank
No crypto
Long time lurker of biz, but afraid I’ll lose my life savings if I invest in BTC or ETH

What should I do? Feel like buying 2 BTC right now, but knowing my luck, if I do, it’ll probably crash next week!

Ngmi am I?

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I don't know how this stuff works or what it means but I guess I'll watch it and wait for a dip

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I’m about to fork RFI and lock liquidity on unicrypt. There will be no mint function and the code will be open source. It will list at <100k market cap. Who wants in?

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It’s all so tiresome on both sides, I just want to make money and post frogs

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id have had to been awake at 5 am to buy the dip. too much of a degen

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Why are the bakers so unfrenly

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How does one go about creating a rug?

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Must be under $10M Market Cap. I have 10 ETH to fuck around with

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Why do you get up everyday?

I’ll start, so I can one day live a life free from financial debt and servitude

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Where tf do I start?

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how can any investments be real when it's this clown vs orange Kool aid man?

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Small business owner here. I'm not gonna make it, am I

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You can help us make a better one fren
I had a fren make it but if you can do better I'm all for it

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