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Mining stonks are my play, pick up some HMY and SVM.

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>that's all the money i can have for the next 4 years.

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Imagine ever investing in made up digimoney that hardly anyone accepts instead of real financial assets and precious metals.

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Better to long/short industries that would benefit or suffer based on the ruling party.

A great example from 2016 would be private prison stonks (CXW,GEO), as well as, the military industrial complex (RTX,LMT,NOC). As

I'd say MIC would still be a worthwhile play. As long as Trump is President, the military budget will continue to balloon.

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>”You don’t lose until you sell!”

Pretty fucking based.

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You’re being reactive instead of proactive. Time in market > timing the market.

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Based Boomer

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Time in Market > Timing the Market.

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Why do lazy zoomers today refuse to go out and get good jobs? It’s easy, son.

All you have to do is type up a resume, submit it online, pull up the job application, enter information from the submitted resume into data fields, take an online psychological profiling test, wait a month, get a call from the HR rep, schedule a phone interview, get a call two weeks later, set up a Skype interview with the HR rep and hiring manager, get a call two weeks later, set up a physical interview, go to the physical interview two weeks later, interview with the HR rep and hiring manager, set up a full-round interview, go to the full-round interview two weeks later, interview with the HR rep, hiring manager, potential fellow co-workers, get an offer letter, set up a drug test, criminal background search, credit history search, go to the drug testing two weeks later, set up a meeting with the department head, go to the meeting two weeks later, walk up, look him in the eye, and give him a firm handshake. Then he’ll smile and welcome you aboard to your first unpaid internship.

That’s how we did it in my day.

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You have options when it comes to how much time you want to put into it. You'll need to have bullet proof lease drawn up. You can bring on a management company to handle the administrative bs (leasing, maintenance, etc.) for you, for a healthy cut of the rental income. Or, you can cut the middle man out and handle all of that shit yourself.

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Nothing will happen. A few extra bombings here and there, but nothing substantial.

Cheap Chinese products are as American as GMO infused apple pie!

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Shitcoin*** damn phonepoast auto correct

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Yep, I'm thinking that's based.

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Time in market > Timing the market
Ride the Tiger fren.

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>tfw 30yo Boomer who finally made it

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I'm being absolutely serious. If you don't pirate smash and don't invest in stocks, you're a faggot.

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