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you realize biz figured all this stuff out in 2017/18 right?
it was then as low as $0.20 in december 2018.

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LINK/BTC/ETH should be your main holds for long term
PNK and GRT seem to be the /biz/ flavor of the month shitcoins

Personally I am all in LINK as I think it has the most bullish outlook over the next 5 years.

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>Any sorts of things you target in the archives?

People here don't really explain the value behind LINK anymore, even if you ask them. So the 2017/2018 threads are the best place to look for info. The guy who dropped the earliest scoop on this project was named Assblaster, when it was only $0.2. And as for terminology like gas I would suggest DYOR because there will be better explanations than I can give. I'm sure you could find a good YT vid or article to explain the basics, and then dive deeper at your leisure.

Don't listen to him. It's worth it to have at least a small part of your port in this new frontier, if nothing else for the novelty value.

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Also so many fucking idiots here. THe OP is doing low-level FUD cos he's bored but I'll spell it out:
1) Staking is not a focus at this point of the network's development. KYCed nodes provide security as it they behave maliciously they would lose not only their role in the Chainlink network but also likely lose access to the other network and chains that they provide services on. Reputational damage in short.
Do your research into the operators. eg. https://certus.one/
2) Vitalik is useless and has gotten scaling moving, which has forced Sergey to allocate large amounts of resources into doing it themselves. See OCR, T-sigs and their tightness with Arbitrum.

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Learn about market caps. It's a lot harder to double your cap as you go up.
But mainly, you need to learn about Chainlink. Understand what is actually doing and solving.
The whole space is "uncertain" and not for most people. It's likely best for you to stick to your 401k.

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the first thing you need to do is stop believing anything anyone says
you need to learn to think for yourself
the anon here who doesn't get link is a good example. he might not get it but he is actually thinking and that should be admired
but yeah, don't believe anything anyone says.
just read

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Some of you are alright.
Sell your LINK before 12pm.

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it will be afflilated with everything

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Buying more at this great opportunity.
Tokenized decentralized trustless internet 3.0 that retraced 50% from its ATH?
1. Buy more.
2. Refer to step 1.

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Very simply because it needs to succeed for crypto to succeed. We knew this since before the presale.

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This guys posts very logical and well expressed reasonings for why the next btc bubble will be in 2023. I'm not going to provide an explanation for why The end of 2023 is the most likely time point for the bubble but watch his videos for a good analysis. He also comes to the conclusion that the entire crypto market will hit a 10 trillion market capitalization at the top of the next bubble.

If you look at the dot com bubble of 2000 the combined market cap of every dot com company hit the market cap of gold and then collapsed. I expect crypto to the same thing especially because bitcoin being a store of value/better gold is the leading meme usecase for bitcoin this cycle. Gold has a current market cap of 8 trillion. With all the inflation that's been happening in this recession it's entirely possible gold hits 10 trillon at the end of 2023.

Now that i've talked about the macro part of my argument lets get back to ethereum and chainlink. Chainlink is viewed as the next ethereum which /biz/ also called in 2015 as they did with bitcoin earlier.

The top platforms in the next bubble will hit much higher market caps then in the bubble of 2017 and if Chainlink hits the top 5 by market cap like many in here believe it will then chainlink will also have a market cap far exceeding $100 billion many times over. Ethereum had a market cap exceeding 100 billion in the last cycle. BTC had a market cap exceeding 300 billion in the last cycle. My analysis on LINKs price hitting $3300 assumes that Bitcoin will retain it's ranking as the most valuble crypto project.


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let me be the first to say that nobody here wants you to buy chainlink. fuck off.

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Because either all of blockchain fails or LINK succeeds. There is no alternative.

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This post was made before 99% of the partnerships that chainlink now has. Chainlink has no competitors. It owns the rights to town crier oracles. Without it blockchain will fail. It's one of the few sure things. It's more of a sure thing than ethereum was when it was under $1.

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Seriously kill yourself, its fucking 2020 stop fudding you poorfag.


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The only thing that's real is Chainlink. Everything else is a scam. Take this one lesson to heart right now and you might still make it.

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