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Once bitcoin breaks it's ATH how high will the price jump? Will it happen in a single day?

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anybody got the QRD on this?
i can throw $50k in if it's worth it

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>you have my full support, carry on


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My grandparents just told me to buy the most expensive house I can afford to make money on appreciation. Is this advice based or cringe?

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Thank you very much based insider prophet

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>keep your eyes on the chart tonight boys

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>42, this first time i ever post directly to you after some years.
>just want say i love you & thankyou.
I love you too brother
We probably haven't seen each other but I feel a deeper connection with you guys than with the people in my life who have known me the entire time

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>Find me 2 keys
>As Above So Below

>"You have one week from now.
>Tuesday 25 June at 7PM EDT I will reveal the holy grail.
>Do not disappoint me."

Title: Time is relative
Filename: The seekers have gathered together
Did you find what I desired?
Did you solve what you required?
Did you bring what you acquired?

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>They are using the "Biblical narrative" for their own ends while it is in reality, just a fantasy...
yeah a lot of people like to spout off about the end of days and rapture coming, and indeed it could be co-opted and used by TPTB to lead the masses into a further dark age

what makes me suspect that this could be a genuine organic awakening is that their propaganda clearly implicitly implies that they are losing the war over the human spirit and mind
what we see on the tell-you-visions is an echo chamber of their own creation, most people on the street that I run into are wondering wtf is going on and know that their rulers are explicitly evil and are working to destroy their families and livelihoods

from all of my years of research on the topic, I genuinely believe that Trump is on a mission from God, and while he isn't perfect, he isn't on the same side as the pedophiles

>But then again .you can find any thread to explain any pump to be honest
you can't just dismiss a specific riddle and thread directed at the chainlink marines right before the huge pumps as "just any thread"

>You remind me of my schizophrenic disabled veteran neighbor.
deluded people are quick to label what frightens them as "crazy"
something about our discussions keeps you reading this thread, instead of allowing your emotional response to dictate your thinking like a woman, why not try to actually study and learn a topic for yourself

are normies that mentally lazy?
are normies under that much of a mental fog?

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>read my first part again
>Also nobody but a retard would call a computer "black box"

>>In science, computing, and engineering, a black box is a device, system or object which can be viewed in terms of its inputs and outputs (or transfer characteristics), without any knowledge of its internal workings. Its implementation is "opaque" (black). Almost anything might be referred to as a black box: a transistor, an engine, an algorithm, the human brain, an institution or government.

what's your question bitch?

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just be patient it'll come eventually

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>Alright It is time.
>I am one of the global witnesses
>one of the 144, 000
>it has begun, it is time now.

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New one out:

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The heating bulbs are controlled via thermostat switch.
For example salad likes to germinate between 10-15 degrees Celsius so we’ve already planted vegetables outside that can withstand some amount of cold.
As spring progresses and things get warmer we’ll be planting the other vegetables. With gardening it’s all about timing.
That’s why calendars were a pre requisite for agricultural societies.

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2020 vision is coming

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What's the best current job and salary to put on a credit card application?

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>Get fucked mossad
>Get a load of this goy

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>srs discussion plz
After installing the metamask app (Android 8.1 Oreo) I'm about to use it to transfer some crypto from my cold paper wallet to Coinbase. What am I risking here? Putting my keys into Metamask makes my wallet hot; can I somehow delete them from Metamask after I'm done the transfer? Please halp frens, wut dew?

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>tfw sold at 2.90 and just want this pump to end

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