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From everything I've read, 24k gold is much more liquid than old currency gold. Besides possibly lower premiums, why would you buy something like a sovereign or rooster over an ounce of pure 24k gold?

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When will there be another big airdrop? I need something for the bear market.

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>The good thread was killed
>The garbage thread survived

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>Bought in 2018 for 325k
>Property went up 70% in value (500k)
>Refinanced for 2.625% last summer
>I pay $500/mo in interest for a 500k house with a pool
>Prop Tax and Insurance is $200/mo
>Renters have to pay $1400/mo for a studio

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''we lost all your money,
but hey guys at least our employees are finally working now that our complete lack of care has caught up with us, dont you feel sorry for us? we had to work 3 days this week!! three whole days, think about the little guys!.
so glad to see us all becoming a big happy family working hard together to come out of bankruptcy hehe, also no refunds! right guys!.''

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what is with /biz and thinking only american money can enter bitcoin, and on top of that, that we have to wait two years before it happens?

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You can't put a price on a good time

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/biz tier investing is link and icp.......LMFAO

loopring has a fucking purpose, it makes ETH fees non existant and they have a massive following + gamestop release in the next two months...

wtf has your link/icp shitcoins got going for it? some fat fuck who wears the same shirt everyday, and a coin that is down 97.6% with VC holders who bought $10k bags at $0.03

/biz at its finest

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Under the pee
Under the pee
Darling its better
Down where its wetter
Take it from me
Up on the shore they poo all day
Out in the sun they pee away
While we all peeing
No time for pooing
Under the sea

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>It says it right in the gif

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>Guess I'm holding GME indefinitely.

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i think they call them futures, but yes, every move i make the market moves against me
i figure taking a entirely random move is going to be better than any decision i make

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Imagine selling GME stock for only 350$

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>Short Interest: 61.78M
>% Float: 226.42%
Can someone explain to a brainlet what these numbers mean?

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>Someone bought 10 million shares
Shares worth 10million $ or 10 million shares? 10 million shares would be almost half a billion $ I really doubt it.

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>be just sitting around or driving or something
>suddenly have to fight the urge to shout "fuck niggers"
>look around to see if this is the time it got out and someone heard
feels good frankly

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I could only afford 2k bros, gotta hold all my baqs now, this was my final one - tell me I did gud. AIGMI?

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8k seems a bit too large.
We can certainly expect at least a 3-4x increase over the course of this bullrun.
People can go for shitcoins, but LTC will be a save bet. I feel more comfortable to put larger sums into LTC than all the shit thats being shilled here.

t. forever never gonna make it poor fag

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Why can't like moon like grt?:(

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>tfw new mommy gf wants to bind me to a chair and edge me for hours on friday

Winning in stocks gave me confidence with women and I dont know how

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alright i stopped looking at the graph in minute intervals

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>goes to 1000
>biden and his army of commie commissars nationalize it
>they give you worthless fiat for your shares and you aren't allowed to refuse their (((offer)))

But more seriously, once the great moon shot happen, you'll know it, there will be some sort of catalyst, like an official announcement of the COMEX automatically settling for cash or LBMA vault refusing deliveries. Or industries starting to load up on silver for annum +1 +2 of manufacturing.
My point is it wont magically happen all of a sudden, and when it happen, you'll know now is the time to load the fuck up, no matter the price.

In the meantime nothing wrong with swinging to accoomulate more cash to get more shares. Especially considering how predictive the patterns are since few months. It's like reading an open book.

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