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>feather wallet being inaccessible to normies

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i need ure most racist monero memes pls. or barring that most schizo

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>race mixer
W-what's wrong with race mixing?
t. guy who is asking for a bud

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>predict today's market close
SPY close will be $415.20

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>when they could buy USDC and USDT stablecoins

.....and then your wife's lawyer hires Chainalysis to locate the secreted funds.

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>I thought it was because his gmail was linked to the bitcointalk account that he shilled SR with

Bingo, rossulbricht AT gmail, lol how fucking retarded was that????

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brainlet here, what does this mean?

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> blacks make up 13.4% of us population
> whites make up 60.7% of us population
I won't say anything

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who. cares.

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>Optional privacy = privacy for the ones that use it.

Private transactions in a sea of unshielded transactions stick out like a sore thumb, increasing the odds of successful deanonymization.


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>bought at 0.4
>sold at 0.6
>just FOMO’d back in today
>still holding PRQ

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i still don’t understand parsnip

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best burgers can get is .999 cope harder faggot

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>You might be retarded

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I'm poor because I'm black and the white man keep me down

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Funniest post I've seen in a long time op here's a you

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I love reading the ignorant and uninformed opinions on that new Monero-is-better-than-BTC video on YouTube.

>Monero has a fatal flaw in that it lacks a supply auditing mechanism. There could potentially (or has already) arise an inflation bug, that would get exploited to slowly dilute token value until not noticed. Even in the best case scenario if no such bug is present, Monero will be taken down by government sooner or later because of its nature of attracting criminals and lack of auditability. One has to look no further, than the story of Liberty Reserve.

>it's so slow though ... bitcoin isn't that public or we would know who Satoshi is. just mix them coins

>Someone told me to stay away from any coins that have the letter X in their trade names like XRP because they're used to digitally launder dirty bitcoins/litecoins/etc. and have a history of failing because they're pump n dumps. Is there any merit to this theory?

>If there's such a large supply of Monero what is to stop it from becomming the new fiat? If anyone can mine it and there's no upper limit, sure the FED can't as easily print it but what's stopping the inflation from going crazy just like it did with cash?

>How does this compare with Dash PrivateSend?

>Why BTC will always be better than Monero: I know for a fact that no one (till now) made Bitcoins out of thin air. The disadvantage of having 100% privacy is that no one can ever check if monero has a bug. Someone out there could have 1000000000000 Monero in his Account and we would never know. Sure monero isn't a complete shitcoin, but you should never think that a small network like this could ever even compare to BTC. Not in a technical level and not even close in a security level.

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>How is this not the most shilled coin, I don't get it

Low-information brainlets i.e. most of /biz/ can't see beyond the next moon.

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>It was hacked by the government and is a honeypot don't buy it. I heard the honeypot is going to end around June so buy then don't buy yet

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