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>no leverage
>asking for a friend
>pls no bully

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Shill me a degen project on BSC

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Anon. I am a Boglehead. I think I'll be fine. You don't need to get so uppity.

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> be me
> 35 wagie who is thinking of starting his own business totally unrelated to his work
> have a healthy cashflow/savings
deviating from the intent of the thread but do you have any advice for me?? Curious how you decided to move to a totally different industry and managed to be successful. My fear and doubt is holding me back from trying.

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Most us states will have a 15$ minimum wage in a year. A big mac cost 3.99$. Thats 3.75 big macs per hour.

Why do people believe this shit without looking at the facts?

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i have 2. will i make it?

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>Fell for the NEET meme
>missed out on life changing money because had no funds to gamble with
Why does 4chan peddle this bullshit meme so much? being a NEET is suffering, and i know there's going to be those of you that have NEET'd for 5 years or less saying how cool it is, i've been a NEET for a decade. It's not cool, it's extremely lonely, depressing and suicidal. You have no money to do anything in the bullrun, you can't "make it" without funds to gamble with. I hate each and every last one of you who boasted about the NEET meme but chances are the people who advertised this lifestyle a decade ago don't even browse this site anymore and aren't NEETs anymore. I fell for it, and it ruined my life.


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just kidding but i hold these on a layer 0 which makes them even more valueable than .eth domains. pro-tip: i can receive bitcoins on these domains

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bought a small bag just in case

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God damn I MUST make it in order to fuck bitches built like this

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2 more weeks fren just 2 more weeks

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Stormy night friends, it's very fitting for what tomorrow will bring. I'm watching the lightning and listening to the thunder while reminiscing on the journey thus far

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Today I woke am 1:00am unable to fall back asleep.
What’s curious is that I didn’t feel the need to check up on the market, which is typically something I do more times a day than I’d like to admit. It was strange, but it got me thinking.
I’ve been making a lot of money lately shorting the market, and yet it doesn’t feel good anymore. The fuck?
In fact, the most fun I’ve had lately was when I was sitting on a high lev short that started going against me. It was exciting and I felt so alive.
So what am I really after?

Thats when it hit me.

I’m fucking addict, aren’t I? An adrenaline junkie perhaps, or maybe I’m just looking for a distraction - I don’t know.

Anyone know what I mean?
>thanks for reading my blog

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I lived by myself and had no job or anything for about 6 years a while back. I live remote. I didn't have to leave my house for anything, so I had little to no human contact. I had "hallucinations" of being watched and actually SAW shadows move. Masses of darkness in corporeal form. Those were very strong emotions of fear and confusion and the causes of those things happening were incomprehensible. I became very religious and hung Christian icons all over after that, and I didn't have problems anymore. I did also change my lifestyle after about a month of seeing things, because I couldn't stand it any longer. That said though, I don't that it is as bad as some people imply that it is. It took me 6 years to just be able to see shadows move around. And I'd also like to believe I've made a full recovery, I never hear or see things that aren't real anymore, (except tinnitus but that is completely natural and unrelated) and I live with other people now. I think the truth is, is that everyone has a different threshold for it.

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My father passed away and his phone was destroyed. I know his Coinbase password but cannot get in due to the 2fa (google Authenticator). How do I disable this and gain access to the account to get custody of the funds? I know his email password and Coinbase password and we got him a new phone.

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gonna be homeless soon. Not kidding. What's some good advice? (I mean apart not listening to advice from /biz)

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I'm holding my dick and balls at this point in history.

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ding ding ding, we have a winner

>so is onlyfans, California real estate, the list goes on and on

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My portfolio isn't recovering.

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exchanged some VFIAX for VHYAX

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I'm too unsure so I'm in a neutral strategy. Not going to even step up to the plate. This market feels different than the past 11 months

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