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Investing in crypto is like riding a rollercoaster—the only people who get hurt are the ones who jump off. The investors who keep their cool and give their money time to grow are the ones who get to the end of the ride safe and sound. When in doubt, reach out to an investment pro for guidance!

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similar, but then i worked in a small company, saw the boss work 20 hour a day, he created all the sales, all the value that the company was, took barely any of the share of the value he created, whilst he hired people that were lazy, stupid - which constantly cost the company money from thier mistakes, such that thier presence was effectively producing negative value. yet he still kept employing these people, many on stupidly inflated salaries, because he knew they couldnt get work elsewhere, and basically said when I asked why he didnt get rid of them, is because they would just end up claiming benefits and do nothing, so its was his social responsibilty to employ them.

i went from anti-cap to realising that small and medium businesses (that employ most people and actually pay 90% of taxes as opposed to monopoly business) create all the value, progress and living standards the world has, and that mega business (of which the state is just another variant of ) the so called "socialists" that support megacorps through mindless consumerism and having thier votes bought by the promises of socialist politicians to tax small business, to a reseved capitalist, i still think there is value to cooperatives and some nationisation of industries that cant have any more meaningful innovation or provide some essential infrastructure with inflexible demand.

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>you bought 1000 dollars worth of chain what??

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February of this year
>Mid 60s parents preparing their house to put on market for retirement
>Neighbor gets them an offer from someone they know for ask before they put it on the market
>Father refuses offer to post a higher price
>House hasn't sold

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