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I don't work retail any longer, just letting your ass know that Occam's Razor gets thrown out the window by retail managers and corporate policies

Currently 24 in a /comfy/ IT role with a clear path to retirement + a healthy stack of major coins

>Unironically imagine thinking you're better than anyone else because your ass was late to add the change in the transaction

Bet you buy Bitcoin Gold on dips.

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Trying to escape wage slavery but I don't know where to start. I have $1000 saved up for investing and I can't decide (and am too ignorant) what to do. I'm currently researching the basics of investing and Amazon FBA. Are these things worth pursuing at this stage or should I explore other ventures? My ultimate goal is to save enough for a couple of business ideas that I believe have the potential to set me for life, however that is a long ways down the road. My situation is that I live at home at age 24 with a $14/hr job. I have a degree in basket weaving (visual communications in journalism) but I am optimistic. I may be late in the game but I'm not dumb enough to stay at this stage for long. Any tips/tricks/advice is welcomed thanks anons.

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you are unironically too stupid for crypto.

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