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Please tell me you're not insinuating that I should start buying BBBY. Good Lord man I can't afford this shit.

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SIGA is going back to $8 isn't it.

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must....not.... oooo

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Why the fuck are 80% of the things you niggers shill not on Revolut? Some actually look good but I can't buy. That's where my online money is. Fucking piece of shit.

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I'd risk it, but unfortunately out of the $4,200 I managed to put onto my account $1,000 of it is from friends and family that want me to carry them to financial success. They're all poor and dumb, so I have to play it safe for them.

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I want in...

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No-coiner here, decided to take my first plunge into crypto. I've got some questions if you don't mind.
1) Should I get a crypto wallet first or is alright to leave the initial purchases on coinbase
2) All in on Bitcoin or start small in altcoins
3) Buy it and forget it?

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Brainlet here been saving to get into real estate/landlording, any suggestions on how the Biden administration's proposed economic plan will affect the housing market?

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Dad's business collapsed when he got cancer. He was an electrician had five employees, nothing special but we were approaching a middle class existence . Died five years later from it. Mother had mental breakdown #3 and refused to work. Brought my crazy grandfather into the shitty little jersey apartment to live with us so she had another excuse not to work.

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>sold 100 of my uni
>already feeling immense regret

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Just dropped 10 ETH into TrustSwap.
I wanted to buy this at $0.15 but BIZ told me it was a scam.
I'm tired of watching it go up.

10x from here still easy.


Next week:
- Asia marketing kicks off
- Top DeFi project partnership announcement
- Finalizing the partnership with our second launchpad project. This project has already been under construction for 2 years and is finally ready to launch live. Their team members are from Fidelity, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, IBM, GE, Universal and a literal TON more. I can't emphasize enough how monumental this launchpad project is going to be.
- As mentioned in the dev updates, our first product release, SmartLocks, has been completed and launched to Ropsten testnet!

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No but seriously, all jokes aside, is this a woman?

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Can someone get into stocks with $250 in Canadian fun money?

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>you can NEVER cash out

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