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no according to the experts it's not a certainty that this will ever turn into a "shooting war" like that. Some instances in history when societies have risen to power and displaced other powers without proper war.

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I just bought some SH to hedge against all my longs, how'd I do?
I don't know how to do this shit but my cash position is dangerous and so are my longs.

No no no! I bought the KO, and actually a KO call at todays bottom. The puts were on Italy! That was Grim's idea and honestly I quite like it. You exited KO? It's a foreverhold for me, just keep adding when I get the chance. But you were probably smart!

>that pic

you really think so? I mean it's stocks, they always come back and they'll pay you to wait.

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I wrote too much and you didn't really read it, huh? I have been a NET BUYER of stocks. Aggressively buying up SVXY cheapies, AND I have been a BWL/A chad forever, I'm only gonna pay that LONG TERM Capital gains tax.

I only say no to the indexes because I don't want to own too much stuff like CAT, PLNT, Cruises, Airlines, Rail, Malls, etc.

I don't think it's airborne aids. I do think people will panic.
And then they'll stop panicking and start bowling.

And all the canned food they rushed to buy at costco will expire as they resume buying the fine products of Frito-lay and MacDonaldos

Don't call me a doomer, I bought the dip.

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It's frightening to me how accurate Mr. Daliano's prediction was, big correction going into March, high likelihood of desperate rat cute, cash becomes trashies. This is a critical dip to buy imo (it's hard to do tho), the economy being fugged is not synonymous with equities performing badly over in the coming years.

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He warned us!!!

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