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Balkans (pic related)
Sarajevo - Franz Ferdinand - WW1
Lol just what in the hell do they put in the water in the balkans?
Always some kind of happening there

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Perhaps the great merit of Jewishness lies in continually leading Aryan man towards self-consciousness, in warning him to remain what he is. The Aryan should almost be grateful to the Jew. Through the Jew, he comes to know precisely what he must guard himself against: namely, Jewishness as a possibility within himself.

Just as there is no such thing as a true “female dignity” in Weininger’s view, it is equally impossible to imagine a Jewish gentleman. The true Jew lacks the inner distinction, that is the basis of personal dignity and the respect for others. “No Jewish nobility exists – and this is all the more significant, considering that Jews have married within their race for millennia.”

Jewish arrogance hides a lack of a sense of dignity, and consequently, the need to augment the value of their own person through diminishing others. This fact, i.e., the absence of authentic self-respect, explains the feminine avidity of Jews for titles, the insolent ostentatiousness of the Jew, the means to which may be, equally, a private booth in the theatre, Jewish science, the Jew’s “connections” with “celebrities,” and so on. “But along with all this goes – and in fact based on all of this is – the Jew’s lack of comprehension of anything truly aristocratic.”

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>you are delusional. that's most women in general
Yeah I guess you’re right about that
It’s just mine was materialistic about the dumbest things that it didn’t make sense. Then again her mom was Bosnian. Lol I had this delusion that I would unify ex Yugo by marrying her and then called it off 3 months before after finding out she got a bigger diamond ring with her mother.
Funny my plans worked out exactly like our old Yugoslavia with much the same disastrous results
It’s strange how eerily the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm.

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