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Load up before mainnet launch anons. Radix will melt faces eoy
https://hermesradvocado.medium.com/crypto-radixdlt-a-dose-of-nuance-scalability-millions-and-millions-of-tps-aee9c3b094ed https://mobile.twitter.com/fuserleer/status/1359239746359279621

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The only right answer: eXRD.

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Currently they have announced that Cassandra will be released soon, probably in the next week or 2. This is basically Dan's side project that proves that Radix can scale indefinitely, something that is needed for more than just finance and future adoption. Will prove that Radix has solved the trilema.

No other project that is trying to replace eth is able to do atomic composition.
Many are good projects and are working right now, but once they will reach that bottleneck of getting shards to work seamlessly together they begin to slowdown and will become as slow and expensive to use as Eth. This will not be suitable for adoption in the future.

DYOR, join the telegram, ask questions and bring FUD, they love answering criticism.
>inb4 8 years
Yes we know it has been, Dan and the team wanted their project to work the way they intended it too, it took many years of R&D to reach this point. Lots of mistakes and willingness to try again. They have many who have followed them since the begining, developers especially who are interested in Radix's potential.
>inb4 erc-20 token
Which is transferable to the proper XRD token once mainnet hits by the the end of Q2.

Probably won't go x10 once mainnet comes out, as developers are the only ones who can work on it. But will for sure be a good x5 short term and possible x100 longterm as no one else has been able to compete with what they are bringing.

DEFI is coming lads, we can't support the general public with the tech we have now.

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Comfy Saturday thread about radix, what are you bros going to spend your profits on when you make it?
>house in the woods
>Unironically go traveling to see cool shit
>private chef to cook me tendies
>won't spend a penny on degen shit like drugs and hookers not even a lambo

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>Infinite scaling
>Trilemma solved
Radix is still under 100m marketcap we are early

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Who else is comfy knowing you’re gonna make it in two years time?

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What’s the fud about. This could easily revolutionise the industry

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Tell me the truth biz. Will I make it with radix?
I’m worried about the tiny trade volume. Can someone fud my concerns ?

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Tell me why this wont be the next Chainlink..
The CTO even looks like Vitalik.

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Why does /biz never talk about actual solid projects?

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Are you living in a cave or something? Haven't you noticed that DeFi is literally the next big thing and Radix is about to drop something BIG

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If you haven't noticed, the defi scene is really picking up and Radix is literally existing under the radar, huge potential there

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