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you bought all of them at ath? peak /biz/

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I'm so excited.

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>Has anyone stopped to think how the markets are a reflection of the human condition?
>What's actually right doesn't matter. All that matters is whether what you're doing is the norm or not. Stock prices are the same. By betting on a certain price you are betting that will become the next future norm. You are being in a sense a revolutionary who's changing the status quo.

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"This firm wants to help the US feds in selling $1 billion of seized Bitcoin"

>We're about to print trillions.

Also the feds:
>We're about to dump Bitcoins.

Muh hedge against fiat.

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might have something to do with a lot of shipments rather than people going to B&M stores.

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>that theme song

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I'm bullish. Graph looks good, legal situation has remained the same or gotten better, it's that time of the year again, everyone can see we're not breaking under 6000. However the next peak I predict for winter 2020.

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dont worry guys i'm only down $12,000 on my $20,000 investment lmao

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this high

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