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Are the the anon that stalks every 4channer? Have any pics of me?

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>anon I was sneaking through your pics
>why do you have pictures of some indian guy in your phone?

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So I’m getting closer

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Surprised mnxxf hasnt gotten more shilling since its gotten to. 7 from .2 since originally shilled here a few weeks ago, and about to be teslas main managanese mine(rumored)

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I used to sell back in the day it was fun but not anymore. I live in a legal place to grow too. I grew lbs of homegrown been and now i can basically smoked all i wante dfor a few hundred bucks every few years.
Cunt wife just want to smoke stiizy pods. I spend like $50 a week on the shit now.
Why do people pay for drugs?
I hate paying for anything. Weed is awesome and i smoke 24/7 but $50 a week awesome? I dont even need the money but still...

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