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I think today is the day I realized I'm really not meant to make it

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Nah autistic raised by BPD teenage mother while having high IQ so I was able to use sperg and observations from how mental women are to learn how to logically put the right inputs in to get the right outputs.

Looks wise I am maybe a 7/10 max.

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I have a project that has to meet regulatory standards and has an underlying LLC thats only semi decentralized.

Is there any reason I shouldn't use Hedera for it?

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>or hold the bags forever
implying I haven't bagheld for 2 years already

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>damn fren dunno what triggered the algobots
Me think it's bugged for me because any post with more than 50 words i try to make on /pmg/ is considered spam

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Does anyone actually live in those desert suburbs or are they just investment properties?

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>a family
Good one anon.

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I WILL drive the 16 year old VW I got for $3.5k that runs flawlessly and I WILL be happy.

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2023 will be the year of this retarded shitcoins' fad finally dying off. Few years from now it will be remembered as peak human cretinism and group induced psychosis.
Meanwhile, at the CIA HQ and in jewish banks, it will be studied for decades as how to psyops, create hype and completely outrageous capitalization out of nothing but coordinated marketing ops and manufactured fomo.

Overall, cryptos have been a net negative to the advancement of mankind. It only lined up the pockets of the (((government))) and jewish scammers while allowing said government to push for radical control over our ability to spend as we want + TRACFIN + KYC policies who otherwise would have taken a decade more to achieve.
Without cryptos, things like Trudeau seizing banks accounts of ppl who dared to donate 10 bux to the truck convoy via xmr would never have been possible. Overall it have been an agent of tyranny and complete spying larping as an agent of freedom and anonymity.

Bitcorn 2K by EOY 2023. That's all i can wish for.

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squeeze when 50 bps?
>t.quad witching

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anon i started trading a year ago so no idea what UTX and MEX are, im getting no conclusive google results either , care to explain to a new fren wanting to learn <3

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Thanks, fren.

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I almost feel bad for bobo today. He did everything right, but then was blindsided by the announcement of one of the greatest stimulus packages in our history, tuition forgiveness, nationwide.

At least they can make up their losses very easily by being smart enough to go long here.

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From everything I've read, 24k gold is much more liquid than old currency gold. Besides possibly lower premiums, why would you buy something like a sovereign or rooster over an ounce of pure 24k gold?

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When will there be another big airdrop? I need something for the bear market.

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>The good thread was killed
>The garbage thread survived

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>Bought in 2018 for 325k
>Property went up 70% in value (500k)
>Refinanced for 2.625% last summer
>I pay $500/mo in interest for a 500k house with a pool
>Prop Tax and Insurance is $200/mo
>Renters have to pay $1400/mo for a studio

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''we lost all your money,
but hey guys at least our employees are finally working now that our complete lack of care has caught up with us, dont you feel sorry for us? we had to work 3 days this week!! three whole days, think about the little guys!.
so glad to see us all becoming a big happy family working hard together to come out of bankruptcy hehe, also no refunds! right guys!.''

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what is with /biz and thinking only american money can enter bitcoin, and on top of that, that we have to wait two years before it happens?

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