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>no adoption
Kek this is just sad FUD not even worth replying to. Did you really think smart contracts would be adopted by 2019? Retarded newfags. If chainlink is vapor ware, then so is literally every other alt.

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Threshold sigs are done. If he's saying staking is in the process of finalization, it's very likely the others aren't very far off.

Either you guys are newfags or need to zoom the fuck out. Do none of you remember 2018? When there was like 0 announcements or development? Now all of a sudden we have threshold sigs and mixicles completed, staking on the near horizon. Not to mention network usage is becoming vertical at this point.

If development continues at this rate (it will probably increase due to more hires), we will have a fully working mainnet by sometime in 2020.

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Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes time to traverse the sybil chasm.
Oracle and startups are on the way. More and more teams join by the week.
Give me a better decentralized oracle network to invest in and I will. Too bad there isn't. Link is industry standard for now.

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