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They kind of go hand-in-hand.
How many linkies do you own OP?

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>why the fuck do people here wagecuck? why not just stockpile money until you can live off staking rewards and have enough to mess around with?
cause I lose the rewards if you mean exchange bonuses.

Work isn't worth it, but it's the only way to stack up sats.
Some traders legit make over 100k-200k in a day (will be worth more eoy) while an engineer has to work their ass off for a whole yr for that.
Anyways, I just became a security guard. I sacrificed a good paying job and ya, pretty retarded since I would have had probably like half a mil by now had I stayed with it, but my mental health was getting so FUCKED. I couldn't take it anymore. Even this job is shit, but at least the whole night I'm basically alone just wasting time on youtube

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My bags are flying what are you talking about?

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noo anon I have fiat sitting that I was planning to throw into crypto... but I have nothing physical in terms of owning PMs, which was why I have been feeling the fomo lately. On top of that, the shit with the fed and news with the market has really been fucking with me and making me want to put money into it. I will buy a decent amount... maybe rip in poopoorroni get delayed to future fren

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>gonna have to ride out an earnings call dump for one of my holdings tomorrow
Gonna be a meh day for me

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I'm a bit surprised by the amount of times I get digits. It seems highly unlikely to be getting digits almost after every other post. Should I start making a statistical analysis to see if there's something wrong? Or is that going to ruin the magic?

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Fuck you nigger, I'm too tired to do anything. See you tomorrow

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Doesn't this guy have better things to do besides shill a shitcoin and get experienced CT rich while fucking his fans at the same time.

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So is the drama over for the next few hours? That was pretty crazy when it dropped from 6.5 to 5.5 before. i hope doge stabilises more. Otherwise its never gonna get past .1 in the long term.

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I lost almost 10 btc today. I have next to nothing to my name and I live in Brazil so there is almost no way I'll manage to get it back bc covid rekt our economy

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Bullish. Buying more.

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Hi bois. Got some money few month ago and still don't know what I should do with this damn stuff.
Have three ideas:
1st is pre-order the Atomic Heart and buy some shit for 5$
2nd is buy a mid mp3 player and some shit for 15$
3rd is yours.
I have no reasons for saving that money...

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Bros help a poor European out. What app should I use to buy cripto?
Wasted 5 fucking years on /pol/ when I could be making money.

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