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>But I don't like English gematria because you end up with stupid shit like: LUKE WALKER THE CHOSEN ONE 111
actually if you stopped being a faggot and read Zachs book... you would know the truth
Kabbalists created
>Gregorian Calendar
>KJV Bible
in tandem in order to contrive prophecy and manipulate prophetic timelines

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>tech is never going down is it
im a fucking noob. I say that Tesla skyrockets because hes a good jewish puppet
making the news too much and if only anons on here did gematria analysis.. they could see

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(((they))) use the bible as a script (scripture) to deeply embed mind control.
The NWO is comprised of Kabbalah masters. Psychology and Physics.
The news is encoded through rituals in numbers
your best chance at understanding this is to take the leads from pic and run with them until you can disprove the stated rituals.
>you cant
>you can only say its false out of ignorance

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So what information am i proposing we collect and post?
>Full name/nicknames
>companies they own/invest in
>spouses and children
>all archived news articles

Each company should also have their own info on their establishment as well.
We can nail companies doing things on certain dates "when the stars align"

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