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Nolinkers keep acting like we need everyone including Grandma Jenny to run and operate nodes in order to gain any kind of substantial profit on Link and see it go beyond 20USD. This is of course retarded, Grandma Jenny and her entire family are currently living in Canada and are about to have their entire framework of information sent through decentralized oracles.
Meanwhile, retarded bankers running ships like JP Morgan think they're about to launch up massive programs that'll keep their customers in check and filling their pockets, while instead they're fueling the prices of tokens held by some of the most autistic and right wing people on the planet. This can only exceed our expectations as these autistic anons suddenly gain the networth of people like Soros and Bezos, and start experimenting around with what smart contracts can really do.

tl;dr the Wild West 2 is coming and I'm excited.

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You missed out lol

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27 year old here. 30+ year old anons, how do you not kill yourselves if you haven't made it yet? I feel the clock ticking every single day, what are you doing to claw your way out of the despair? I might end it if I'm still wage slaving at the big Three O.

t. 27 year home (((owner))) with a virgin waifu.

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Get that fat thot out here
I would rather put my money on a housing bubble than in this shitcoin

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I'm taking screenshots of all of you FUDing faggots so I can post them a year from now. When Elrond or whatever shitcoin project you follow implodes and Harmonauts are BBQ'ing on the moon, you better start buying kneepads because you're not getting SHIT from us.

Check 'em, faggots.

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Great bunch of boomers in here

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use my code 8xtk31 for 1% bonus on winning rolls

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OP is a fag, use code TheCapN

Get in on the Ponzi early

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Yeah, get in on the Ponzi early with code TheCapN

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Getting in on the ground floor, just in case this isn't a scam. I used this guys code, use mine - TheCapN to join our pool.

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