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have some pretty good screenshots from nolinker retards from post 4.50 pump. will need to make a collage soon.

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capped and added to the collection
make sure to buy some good quality rope

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based 2 man team FUD, that one always made me laugh the most for some reason

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i miss 2017 fud

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See you on the other side Anon.

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You literally just buy Chainlink and then you buy it whenever you can and then you hold it for as long as you can.
I've been here for 2 years and there literally is not more sound advice than that.

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kek you had 2 years

i'm not going to bother responding to FUD that has been THOROUGHLY btfo over and over over the last 2 years. link is the only alt that survived, both in the general market and on /biz/.

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link isn't crypto
it's the god protocol

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The best possible outcome is that smart contracts supplant every existing digital agreement and that this global software revolution is powered in part by a secure data transfer startup fronted by a guy in a blue plaid shirt.
And let me tell you something... that's exactly what's going to happen.

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the singularity is coming.
screen cap this.
it will be something much more than you'd ever expect.

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>76% of startups are developing APIs
>48% of startups are developing APIs to partner with other companies
>10% of global GDP will be stored on blockchain by 2027 ($8 trillion)
>31% of startups believe blockchain is going to drive the biggest growth in API adoption in the next 2 years

>Examples of startup Chainlinks with enterprise use cases
>Smartrips: was this flight a cheaper alternative for my employee at booking time? (enterprise use case)
>Increff: does my inventory need to be re-balanced across retailers?
>iGeolise: how long is it going to take to deliver this package to my customer?

>Oracle will develop chainlinks with 50 startups so they can easily sell their data to enteprises using Oracle's BaaS OR any other DLT, across one year, meaning a new chainlink will be made available roughly every week and each bringing one new potential use case (not exclusive to Oracle - do you understand why they would do something FOR FREE and without guaranteeing exclusivity?)

>The whole point of this Oracle Startup Program is to get startups to produce APIs that they can then monetize and sell to enterprises, and that enterprises can use through the Oracle blockchain (with Chainlink as its middleware), this is why they invest in startups, remember data is the new oil

>Oracle: 430,000 customers in 175 countries
>Big picture vision: understanding the other blockchain as a service providers will also benefit from this, and will likely be running similar programs, because blockchain-ready data is what the enterprises need to adopt blockchain and smart contracts and enteprise customers having access to a large options of potential use cases is what will drive growth of enterprise use for their blockchain platforms, as they're all competing with each other, it's all in their best interest to drive up blockchain hype and API development
>enterprise -> infrastructure -> data

If you sold this news, congrats, you're an absolute fucking brainlet.

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It feels so good anons. I know that we're still so fucking early that it's insane but wow. Just some validation feels good bros.

We are ALL going to make it.

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FUD is extremely bullish for link overall. we will decouple after september.

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they will all bend the knee in the end.

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Final? The Prologue is ending. The story starts tomorrow.

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Keep coping little linkless faggot. When this shit blows you will fall to your knees and beg for Link. I can't blame someone for not knowing about this project, but for those nolilnkers like you who knew but didn't listen there is a fate worse than death.

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this has been the best of days frens. one day we will swim to the top of the ocean filled with no linker tears. for we believed that our lives could be something more than we could ever have imagined.

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I-is it actually starting? Are we accelerating towards The Singularity?

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>Take ETH as an example. It was discovered and understood here long before it hit mainstream. This board had close to no influence over its surge from $1 to $1400.

I met a stinky linky IRL for the first time last week. Youngish guy driving my Uber.

Then you realize your experiences on a micro level correlates to a macro level. This Uber driver was my first time meeting a stinky linky, but it wont be the last. I guarantee these experiences will begin to ramp up in the coming months.

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Link will set a new ATH in sats by end of day. No-linkers will all rope

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This. Is. What. It. Looks. Like.

This is a moon mission. This is a bullrun. Extreme volatility, multiple 5% swings a day.

When you look at a monthly or yearly chart post-moon, it looks like it's going straight up -- a perfect parabola. In a practical sense, however, this is what it feels like on the elevator, and this is what it looks like on the daily.

This is the initial rocket launch, so if you can't iron up those hands you're going to panic sell on the march up.

Remember that kid who lost money during the bitcoin run from $100 to $1000? Lost his and his sister's inheritance? It was cuz he was spooked by volatility like this. Don't be that kid.


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Just remember no linkers. You were warned. You will only have yourself to blame.

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