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fuck it I'm going to the hotel gym
ugh I should get ready for sleep though
should book the next hotel I guess

maybe I should go to New York for shits and giggs?

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how many male psych nurses did you try to get to put their erect penis into your shit hole?

I sold WMT today because of politics!
nah I just needed to free up some green

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>What could bring them down?
collapse in demand
accompanied by some sort of regulation that makes it so you can legally only store precious metals in some sort of specific container.

Like if the US legally labelled palladium as a strong carcinogen or radioactive substance that needed to be maintained in some sort of special box that there were a very limited supply of.

I'm trying to think how it could happen if they made it illegal to hold gold again, but the contracts wouldn't collapse because in that circumstance the government buys the gold off of you. They'd just flatten. (Unless there's some sort of IV to commodity futures contracts I'm not aware of? I really don't understand futures very well kek)

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